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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Let down by Lance

I have always been a massive fan of cycling and love watching the Tour de France. I was a big fan of Lance Armstrong-coming back from cancer to win 7 Tour de France titles seemed like such an amazing thing. I frowned at the doubters, tutted at his accusers and defended him to anyone who would listen. He was my hero. Oh how let down I am to finally know the truth about him. A drug cheat. In hindsight I guess we were naive to want to believe he was a great champion when so many people were accusing him. But is it so wrong to want to believe in what we think is a great athlete? We want to believe that fairytale story is true and when we discover that it is all a lie, it is devastating.
   I didn't want to believe it even when the drug people banned him, even when he was stripped of his titles. I stubbornly would not condemn him, saying 'he has never failed a drugs test. How can they ban him when he never failed a drugs test?' Even when I reviewed the evidence released by that inquiry, I didn't like it. I wanted to find excuses for it that meant he was clean. I laugh at myself now for wanting my hero to still be a hero to me.
   The seeds of doubt only landed on me when I heard that current Tour de France riders had admitted when questioned that they doped with Armstrong. This meant they were banned and their contracts terminated by their cycling teams. I started to think that they wouldn't lie about doping with him in the past, knowing it was going to shock their fans and cost them their career. These guys had too much to lose to lie. So I finally sighed and decided that he was probably guilty. What a let down that was. All those who named him were well known riders and I was shocked to see who they were.
   I started to wonder if anyone in the Tour de France was really clean. When I watch the race this year, will I be watching a great performance by someone on a stage and thinking 'is he doping?' Probably. I doubt I will feel the same about the sport ever again.
   So how could it happen? When I was defending Armstrong I was thinking that dopers hid in quiet rooms to inject their drugs and the rest of the team knew nothing about it. Just a cheat and a shady doctor doing it on the sly. Oh how wrong I was. When I read the book by David Millar, I was horrified by how blatant the cheats were. Everyone knew about it. Dopers and clean guys shared rooms in hotels and each night the dope arrived at the hotel room, delivered by team doctors. I had always sneered at David Millar for being a doper who was now speaking out against drugs, calling him a hypocrite but when I read the book I realised how hard it was to say no for a young guy, the new boy on the team. Pressure from the team telling him if he wants a new contract and more money he needs to finish on more podiums, other riders congratulating him on finishing about 24 saying he was the first clean rider to must that have felt to him? All his talent and hard work and was getting beaten every day by cheats. They recovered from injury quicker, they weren't tired after a hard day in the mountains like he was and there was nobody in the team he could turn to for advice because they were all in on the doping plan. I can understand how he was gradually sucked into it. He stands as an anti drug man now so that others in his position DO have someone to turn to for help and advice so I do respect him now. I feel sorry for those sucked into doping who don't really want to do it.
   I feel no sympathy for teams like US Postal who set up systems to cheat their way to glory. To cheats who do it because they want to be admired.
   I feel nothing but contempt for Lance. So excuse me while I put my DVDs, magazines and books about the cheat in a bag for the charity shop.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It's nearly Santa time

Yes, nearly Santa time but I have as much Christmas spirit as a non alcoholic pub. I've been spending my days writing angry emails to delivery couriers for the behaviour of their drivers who are taking great pleasure in blocking our driveway and then telling us to f off when we ask them to move to let us get our car in or out. Obnoxious cretins. This one was from Yodel and when I complained to them, the company just ignored me. If they think I will just go away they have another thing coming. Just wait until the article appears in the newspapers. And if it isn't them it is the pig ignorant sods also known as binmen. They not only park in the middle of the road to block it as well as our driveway, they deliberatly line up the bins across our gate so we have to move them before we can get in or out. Arses. If they think they are getting a Christmas bonus for a job well done they can bloody well think again. It would be nice if the people in the service industry could learn some manners. *rants*
  Who knows what is in store for the New Year...well I think I can guess. Higher fuel bills, higher petrol prices, increase in postage costs so I can no longer afford to trade my second hand books, crap TV....At least my favourite sporting events aren't pay for view yet coz that will be Sky's next trick to fleece money out of us. If it comes to that, I'll be saying goodbye to my luxury viewing!

Book Review-Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs

Oh for goodness sake, why can't authors show a bit of imagination? The idea of this book was interesting, having three sisters reuniting to fight nasties. Great, an original YA novel, I thought to myself. The first chapter was good and then we got to Grace and her new school. Surprise Surprise, she managed to get on the wrong side of the school uberbitch the second she arrived. *Yawn* Boring much???? Why does this have to be the plot for every YA novel that features a school? Surely authors can come up with something better than that because it is BORING to read that in 50 books!!! It is the reason that I'm no longer buying YA novels. Thankfully this is one of the last of its type on the shelves and I can move on to books with original plots.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Book Review-Darkness Unbound by Keri Arthur

This is a spin off from the Riley Jenson series which I am still reading, starring Risa, Riley's niece and her friends-a lesbian witch and a hot werewolf dude she can have sex with(no surprises there). There are frequent cameos from Riley and co for fans of that series.

Risa wasn't really that interesting to me. It was the usual 'I'm-a-tough-gal-who-can-handle-it yet constantly gets into trouble and needs rescued by her friends and Riley. There was the usual constant casual sex with werewolves and unlikable characters like Lucian that you expect in these books but the plot in between was pretty much lacking for me compared to other urban fantasy books.

The Reaper Azriel was the bright spot of the book and I was keen to see more of him and less of the sex that seperates each plot development but I guess that was wishful thinking.

And can UF/PNR/YA writers get some imagination and stop calling your character Lucian all the time???!!!!!! Jeez!

Monday, 15 October 2012

A salute to our paralympians

Now I want to take a moment to look back at the outstanding performances in the Paralympics. First a wee rant to Channel Four about the lack of choice in our viewing. Every day we were offered wheelchair basketball/volleyball/rugby but did they bother to show us the cycling events that we all wanted to see? Did they bugger. I wanted to see our British athletes in the road races and marathons where we were medal favourites and I was furious to find that there was no TV coverage of it! I wanted to watch Sarah Storey and David Weir winning medals!!!!! That would never have happened to Bradley Wiggins, that's for sure.
   But anyway, lets applaud the athletes and stop ranting. David and Sarah-4 gold medals each. I mean how awesome is that? The fact that Weir did it over 4 middle and long distance events and Storey over track and road at different lengths made it even more amazing. It seemed only fitting that they held the flag together at the closing ceremony. Who could have chosen between them? What a wonderful advert for British athletics. I've been watching the Weir-Wolf for years and he just gets better and better. Perhaps with all the interest in the paralympics now, we might get better coverage in the future(though I won't hold my breath)
   And Ellie Symonds-wasn't she just wonderful again? She is without doubt one of our greatest ever olympians and she is still just 18 years old! What a career she has ahead of her if she can avoid injury. I was yelling at the TV like a mad thing each time she was in a final! She goes through that water like a torpedo! Getting a medal in each event was a wonderful achievement and lets hope for many more.

There were so many great performances to rave about-that wonderful win in the 100metres and our superb equestrian team for starters. It was a great summer of sport all round and I loved watching it.

And on a purely female note-just how gorgeous is Oscar Pistorius??!!!

I'd rather have my teeth pulled out

Yes I'm talking about the prospect of watching the Scotland football team in their next qualifying match after the shambles of Friday. I mean seriously, how crap were they??? I don't expect us to be worldbeaters but on paper we have as good a Scotland team as we ever have done yet we are playing like total clowns! In that first half, a poor Scotland team were margionally better than a dispirited Wales team so it was not pretty to watch but we should have killed the game by half time. But no, we come out in the second half looking even worse while Wales rallied to start putting on the pressure. We can moan as much as we like about disallowed goals and questionable penalties-the fact is that Wales were also on the end of some poor decisions in the game. They just seemed to want it more than Scotland in my opinion so fair play to them.
   So why did we lose? Tactics pure and simple. Our manager has been obsessed with this 'one man up front' thing which can never work for us especially once we lose a goal. For too many games, Kenny Miller has been up there on his own trying to win the game single-handed. He spared our blushes in the last qualifiers and I thought with the welcome return of Fletcher that the two would play together up front and have a go at a team who, with all due rspect, have a very wobbly defence and low morale. But no. Miller gets REPLACED by Fletcher. I swear I was tearing my hair out before we even started!!! Talk about a bloody stubborn manager????? Charlie Adam has been worse than poor in the last three Scotland games and he needs to be replaced until he gets some form back. And he is not the only one who doesn't look interested. Is it purely bad form or is it that they think the manager has lost the plot tactically?

It makes me wish I'd just watched Mamma Mia on STV instead.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Back from holiday...

I managed to get away for a few days to Blackpool-of course I pick the time when the whole north of England is flooded and the rain is never ending! Luckily the parts of Blackpool I was in were not affected by flooding so I was able to get my shopping done (quickly) then a mad dash back to the hotel to dry off each afternoon. Try dashing when you are very overweight and weighed down by a backpack of Christmas presents and two bags from Waterstones...I was wheezing like a set of deflating bagpipes!

The good bits:
Spending all my holiday money in Waterstones. Yes 150 pounds worth of booky fun! It's my only bad habit so I'm happy with a yearly treat like that. (now it's back to trading on second hand book sites) Ah there is nothing like the shopping spree....the new book smell wafting past your nostrils, the shiny new cover twinkling in the artificial lights, the undamaged spine, your arms aching as you stagger up to the till, the shocked look of the girl serving you as you grin inanely at her in anticipation of reading these bad boys...and the slight horror as the till keeps ringing up higher and higher! Oh yes I love a Blackpool spendathon!

No longer getting the feeling of shin splints as you jump down from the tram. These nice new trams and tram stops leave you with just a small step to negotiate. Bliss!

The taxi rank is just outside Waterstones!!!

The bad bits:
The pissing rain was never ending so if you had to sit down for a rest you ended up with a soggy arse.

The Disney Store was crap. Couldn't get the dwarf that I wanted so I was the only Grumpy in the damn shop.

Steaming piles of dog turd left all over the South Promenade for days at a time. Whole ecosystems were forming in them! I swear they looked like velociraptor deposits.

The obligatory old woman on the tram discussing her health issues with you. I don't WANT to know about your troubles 'downstairs'!!!!! Gross.

The noise in the hotel this year was never ending-screaming kids, a woman from Edinburgh in the room next to mine with a laugh like Woody bloody Woodpecker, the guy who was suffering from deadly did NOT follow him up the stairs as every step he made produced another loud retort from his rear end. Yeuch!


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Olympic Memories

I've been thinking back on the Olympics and my favourite bits. One had to be the excitement of watching Mo Farah winning that 10000 metres-what an emotional moment that was for every British fan! He is the kind of athlete that Britain has been hoping for. Watching him then capture the 5000 metres was just awesome.
   Chris Hoy winning more gold medals-the guy is just amazing. He seems to get better every year. You just can't imagine him retiring. It was great to see him get the honour of bringing the flag in at the opening ceremony-you could see how much it meant to him as well. See, you CAN be Scottish and British at the same time!!!
  Andy Murray finally beating Roger Federer when it mattered to get the gold medal in the tennis and an unexpected bonus of silver in the mixed doubles with young Laura Robson. He looked completely dazed at the medal ceremony and seemed to be looking to Roger to see what he was meant to do!
  Young Tom Daley getting his bronze was one of my happiest moments. A few months back he was under pressure from one of the UK coaches moaning that Tom doesn't train enough and spends too much time on media and other things, and still coping with the tragic loss of his dad from cancer. Add to that the expectations of a nation, the disappointment of not getting a medal in the pairs, internet trolls then calling him a disgrace and saying he let his dad down-resulting in a police was no wonder that he really struggled in qualifying for the individual event. To overcome all that and fight back to win a bronze was just brilliant.
  There were lots of great moments from the Olympics but these four are my favourites!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

London 2012 Olympic fever

To be honest I wasn't really that bothered one way or another who hosted the Olympics in the beginning. But then I thought 'hey I can actually see the Olympics in my timezone!'. No more sitting up bleary eyed all night clutching Mr Coffee, trying not to doze off between dives, throws or heats. I hated missing some of my favourite events which could only be seen via the red button at stupid o'clock. Watching the highlights after they smugly tell you the results just isn't the same. So this time I could see it all live over all the extra channels that the BBC provided. Great coverage indeed! Just as exciting as seeing Mayor Boris on that bloody zipline! Now that was Britain at its best!
   Then there was the big hoo-hah about the Opening Ceremony. Now I never watch these epics because it just bores me until the athletes parade begins, so when I heard that it was being entrusted to Danny Boyle, I was skeptical. I don't like his films or the way he directs them. Still I was curious about the history of Britain story he was doing and there was sod all else on that night so I figured 'why not?'.
   I stand corrected. I thought it was brilliant. The guys on bikes with wings, the NHS sequence, the huge Voldemort, Rowan Atkinson's Chariots of fire, The skydiving Queen, Bonkers!, the music and film clips...I thought it was really great to watch. And how cool was the Olympic cauldron???!!!! It looked stunning though I wanted Steve Redgrave to light it! I did enjoy seeing the wonderful Chris Hoy carrying the flag-he was stopping so many times for autographs and photos that I feared he wouldn't get to the stadium in time. But all went well and it was a great start in my book. Maybe Danny Boyle should think about sticking with theatre as he has a flair for it!

Book Review-Life and Limb by Jamie Andrew

This was an interesting read. You get the story of Jamie's climbing adventures, the type of book I really enjoy, and then comes the details of the tragic climb that was to change his life forever. You can feel the tension of the two men stuck up on the mountain slowly freezing to death while weather conditions frustrate their rescuers. The details of his frostbite and treatment are quite shocking and it brings home to you just how dangerous climbing of any kind can be.

The second part of the book does drag a bit in places as you follow Jamie's recovery in the hospital but it is still a good read.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Book Review-Blood Song by Cat Adams

I did quite like this one. The main character is interesting, the story keeps moving along at a reasonable speed-it was a decent read. However it didn't grab me the way I had hoped when I started it.

First problem were the bad guys. They just didn't seem to be that interesting to me-no real menace or personality to them. When they appeared on page it was a case of 'hmmm, it's these guys again'.

The potential love interests weren't that exciting either. I was bored by them and wanted the story to move past them. I just didn't really care enough about these side characters to really get into the book. At one point, I felt the author was trying to shove in too many characters and none of them were really developed because of that ie the scene in her office with the office manager, the police, the ex-boyfriend, the lawyer, her mother, Vicki's mother all the supernatural characters, Vicki's girlfriend, the werewolf potential love interest and his family members, the sirens, the staff at the residential institute, her friends and family was just too much pointless stuff.

Give the book a try though. It was a decent read but not enough for me to

I am still alive....

It has been a very busy summer for me with not much time online-house decorating(BOAK!), watching the Olympics and Paralympics, trying to read as much as possible to get books out of the house, watching endless series and documentaries...I have been keeping a brief diary of my summer thoughts and deeds so I'll upload that over the next few weeks to bore you with-assuming you haven't all given up on me by now. I'm even getting book reviews done again so I can get that uploaded on here finally! I fully intend to get a bit more sorted and update my blog on a regular basis.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Go Kolkata Knight Riders!

I had such great fun watching the 2012 IPL cricket-it's one of my excuses for not being up to date with my blog again. Too much cricket and a ton of decorating in between! The cricket was definitely the fun part I can tell you. The IPL was even better for me because my team KKR WON!!! And what an exciting final it was coming down to the last over. It was everything you can have asked for in a cricket match. I can even forgive my team for not playing my favourite player Brendon McCullum. His form has been up and down this year but I'd have liked to see him play. However the main thing is we are champions! It's not often my teams have success so I gloat while I can. I just wish more of the England based players could take part but their Test series v West Indies put paid to that this year. Tests are still my favourite but I'd rather watch the 20-20 than the longer one day games as some of them can be really dull. Mind you when England play they can be so unpredictable that every match can be exciting!

Holiday Fun

We do look forward to our holidays don't we? A few weeks ago I went to Blackpool for a few days and we were lucky enough to arrive as a heatwave began. After all the terrible weather we had in April it was great to be able to get out in good weather without worrying about wearing thermal underwear! It was great to get away from the noisy neighbour who announces her exit to work every morning by slamming her door six or seven times, just to let you know she is leaving in case you didn't notice. So a few days of an empty hotel and great weather were great. I even treated myself to a massive book buying splurge at Waterstones and WH Smith as I was 'on holiday'. I had to justify it somehow!

Blackpool has really been revamped. The new promenade with its comedy carpet are great, sleek and quiet new trams that don't rattle your teeth every few seconds and good bargains in the markets as usual. But there are a few issues that bug me. The new trams may be smooth but you still have to wait ages for one. They are meant to be every 20 minutes or so but we waited on average 40 minutes each time and when you are carrying all those damn books it felt like forever! And the wonderful Pleasure Beach is barely open now compared to when I was a kid. It used to be open daily from about 10am to 10pm and I'd spend most of my holiday there. Now it seems be be closed completely several days a week and never open after about 5pm. How they make a profit is anyone's guess. It makes you long for the good old days!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Hunger Games

Ever since I read this book trilogy I have been soooo keen to see the film and it was a long wait for it to be released. You know what it is like-you wonder if the film will stay true to the book, will the right people be playing the parts, will it live up to the hype....Well I saw the film last night and I really enjoyed it. Relief! It didn't go in for all the gore of each person being killed-it was much more atmospheric, but was still true to the book. So now I've got a nice long wait for the next film!
   I've also recently watched the film Tomorrow when the war began and I loved it nearly as much as the book. Then I start looking online for details of when the next film is coming and there seems to be a lot of confusion about whether the film company are going to bother with the sequels. NOOOOOO! You can't just leave it like that! The reason for the cancellation seems to be poor overseas box office takings. Well Mr Film Guy, you might want to remember that Europe and America have been in recession for several years and can't pay to go to the cinema to see every film that they want to. It costs the same price here to go to the cinema OFF PEAK viewing time as it does to BUY the DVD on its day of release. Now which option do you think most of us will take? With fuel prices rising daily here, a lot of us have no money for luxuries like the cinema! And add that to the film company admitting that they didn't send any of the cast overseas to locations that they wanted the film to do well in and there you have the answer. Morons. Spoil my fun why don't you.

Rant over, have a good weekend!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The World has gone MAD

Do you look at the news and just think that the world has gone mad? That society as we know it is just breaking down around us? I certainly do. I was watching with horror as the Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba collapsed during the game and was technically dead. While his recovery has really been a miracle, I had to shake my head at that 21 year old student who felt the need to make disgusting comments and racial slurs against him while he fought for his life. What the hell is WRONG with these muppets??? What did that poor guy ever do to deserve that abuse from a stranger? But of course the little shit who made the comments claimed that 'the drink made me do it and I have lots of friends from different backgrounds, honest'. Oh yeah sure. Take some damn responsibility for your own narrow minded bile why don't you, instead of blaming everyone else and their cat.
   Move to the reports from the USA and a young black man was shot by neighbourhood watch for lurking and being suspicious and 'probably on drugs'. His assassin claimed to have shot him in self defence and the police agreed, when the boy was only armed with a phone, a drink and a packet of Skittles according to what I read. And the police wonder why so many people have a problem with them? Personally I think most of the police are honest and hardworking but this small minority that make decisions like this are making life impossible for other cops.
   France. Gunmen running around the city executing soldiers, jewish people and children. In fact every day I read the papers I despair about the world around me. Pensioners murdered and raped. Paedophiles getting housed across from schools. Terrorists and convicted killers not getting deported because despite the danger they pose, their human right to live here is more important than our right to live in safety.

Oh yes. The world has really gone mad.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Catching up

Who knew that getting a computer up and running could take so much time and energy??? I know I'm not exactly a skilled user but it seems to have taken ages. I am so far behind on everything I want to do-I don't think I've written a single book review since last year which is pretty shocking. This week I have been getting stuck into my news scrapbooks. Since 1994 I have been doing scrapbooks of the news from around the world-a mixture of stories...disasters,sport,entertainment,jokes,funny photos etc. The first thing I put in my first scrapbook was the report about OJ Simpson being arrested for murder. Every day I cut out anything that interests me and put everything for that month into a plastic folder to keep it in good condition. After 6 months I go back and look at what I saved-if it still seems interesting, I trim it ready to use and it goes back into the folder. If it doesn't seem that interesting now, I put it in the bin. Then I'll go back to the saved items and put them into the actual scrapbook. It is very time consuming but it is good to look back on things. I looked at my last scrapbook about a week ago and saw that the last thing I put in was in January 2010! I decided I needed to get off my lazy butt and catch up so I am now going through the cuttings for each month to decide what to keep and what to dump. When I fully catch up with that, THEN I go back to 2010 and start fitting the into the pages themselves. That should keep me busy for a while.
  I could use some more time to catch up on TV. I have taped/bought a lot of shows that I haven't had time to watch yet-Lost girl season 1/2, Grimm, Pretty Little Liars 1/2, Lark Rise to Candleford 1, Downton Abbey 1/2/Christmas special, Mad Dogs 1/2, Blood Ties, Jericho 1/2, Vampire Diaries 1/2, Haven 1/2, I've partly watched season one of Nikita and Supernatural...where do I find the time for all that PLUS getting some reading done??? *breaks out in cold sweat*  

The woes of Rangers

I have been following this story in the media since it broke. Now I am not a fan of Rangers and I don't usually care if they or Celtic win the Scottish Premier League title each year-I am only really interested in how my own team is doing. But it is a sad thing to see ANY football team be in danger of going out of business. OK you can say it is their own fault for bad management and trying to pay less tax than they should have been but it doesn't stop me feeling sorry for the manager and the fans. Ally McCoist waited years to take on his dream job as manager and for him to be dropped into this mess must be a total nightmare. And the fans-well my heart goes out to them. They have been betrayed and cheated and they are scared for the future of their beloved club. It is a sad day for Scottish football when a club is threatened with extinction. When our local rivals Morton were being mismanaged by a chairman they wanted rid of, fans of other teams including St Mirren were joining demos to help get him out. When Partick Thistle were in financial trouble, fans of other clubs were donating money to their fighting fund. So I find it somewhat distasteful to see Celtic fans and directors gloating and being all smug about Rangers woes. I don't think anyone should take pleasure in seeing a football club get into this mess. Who knows which team could be next? If it did happen to be Celtic I doubt they would get much sympathy except from people like me! Anyway I'm just glad that those in charge of my team have done a wonderful job in running it and keeping us financially secure, allowing fans to enjoy the great football we are playing this year.

Friday, 10 February 2012

The joys of technology

Hello to my one reader and his dog! Yes I am still alive and well. It has been a busy week for me and now I'm just catching up with stuff. After two years of saving I have finally managed to buy my new computer! Hurrah! It's not an expensive one and I managed not to get Windows 7 with it. The last time I put Windows 7 in a computer it destroyed my files and rearranged my settings so that almost nothing worked so no way was that Bad Boy getting into my nicy shiny new computer! Oh the sheer joy not to have to hit a button thirty times to get the page to change...not waiting 6 years for the computer to start up....*sigh* I feel spoiled now! So I've been spending the last week or so setting up ITunes and various other things and getting myself up and running.
    The Republican race is getting very interesting(yes ok I have no life) after the three wins for Rick Santorum. Maybe Mitt Romney regrets having Donald Trump backing him-I think it has put a curse on him! Jeez I despise Donald Trump. He came over to my country to build a golf course on land that didn't belong to him and tried to evict local people from their homes just to get his own way. How dare he tell people that they have to move out of their homes just so he can build a bloody golf course! But now Mr Obnoxious is unhappy that the Scottish Government are planning a windfarm off the coast of his golf course and HE is complaining about being treated unfairly and having his views spoiled! What a turd. I wish he would naff off back over the Atlantic or get lost on a remote island somewhere where he can't annoy me.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Republican Chaos

I have been watching with interest the Republican race on CNN. I was a bit amused to see them now change their mind about who the winner is from Iowa. Dear Dear. You're just counting the votes, how difficult can it be to get the right winner???!! Quite a turn around in South Carolina though. I'm not that bothered who wins the nomination but its fun to watch if things stay close for a while. I'm just looking forward to all the action on Super Tuesday. I have my low-fat-munchies in the house ready! Not quite the same as toffee popcorn and chocolate but hey, you have to make sacrifices if you don't want a waistline like King Kong...*sigh*
   I have put my foot down and refused to part with my TV. That confused the hell out of the Sony repair people. They said they were sending someone to collect it anyway and I cheerfully said they'd be standing there for at least a month until the cricket series is over! Mind you after watching England self destruct in the First Test v Pakistan, I couldn't help wondering if I'd chosen the right option after all...All credit to Pakistan though. I'm hoping for better things when the Second Test starts tomorrow morning.
   I have just discovered how much I enjoy the TV series 'Supernatural'. Season One was going cheap on Amazon so I decided to try it and I loved it. I'm only about 8 years behind everyone else but that's just typical of me. Still it means I do get to pick the next few seasons up pretty cheap which is nice and I don't have that long wait until the next one comes out on DVD. I've been trading my old books for amazon vouchers so I'm not really 'buying' anything new. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...

Monday, 9 January 2012

Damn Sony!

Well new year has got off to a great start with the news that my TV is buggered and needs a big repair-a totally new screen-so it will be gone for 7-10 days. SEVEN TO TEN DAYS WITHOUT A TV ARE YOU INSANE????? I've had this Sony Bravia for 4 years and this is the third repair on it which is not bloody good enough. It is totally useless crap and I won't buy anything from them again. The sound and picture quality are not great and Sony's so called customer services people are rude and unhelpful. So do yourself a favour and get a Samsung or Panasonic instead. Tomorrow I'm going to set my mum on the people at Comet to try and get a replacement TV instead. She can be a real rottweiler about bad service and products so she might get results. I just cannot be without my TV! What about the cricket and darts? The US Presidential race? Watching new series like Lost Girl and Haven? NO I will not let them take away my TV!!!
   Speaking of the US Presidential Race, I was enjoying watching the coverage of the voting in Iowa. I love the US elections as I have a big interest in politics and my grandfather was born in New Jersey. I find it more exciting than UK election nights where they announce the whole result about 60 seconds into the programme which ruins all the fun! At least it takes a few hours to get the US results. Much more fun for the viewer.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

What a lazy arse I am. I keep forgetting to update my blog but this year will be different. I am resolving to update this twice a week at least. Let me think of some good excuses for why I haven't been here since October:

1)Lazy Arse
2)Too much reading
3)Even lazier Arse

Yep that just about covers it I think. Plenty to live up to this year, huh. So I hope you all got a nice visit from Santa this year. He was kind enough to bring me the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 2 DVD, the Monster Book of Monsters toy, a Morph desk buddy(for anyone who watched 'Take Hart' on TV in the 80's), an IPOD shuffle and money to spend on Amazon! So far I've treated myself to box sets of Supernatural season one, Nikita series one and Jericho season one and two. Nice! Nothing like a good New Year spend. I never go to the sales. I thought I was going to get my throat ripped out by rapid female shoppers who were foaming at the mouth as they tried to grab everything off the shelves two years ago. I still carry the mental scars. It was like a scene from The Walking Dead series(which I LOVE!) Psychos. It's much safer to shop from the safety of your own computer I reckon. I did all my Christmas shopping here as well which was a relief. I don't have much Christmas spirit about me. And I totally despise the New Year celebrations. What's to celebrate about a crap year ending and another crappier one starting? Bah Humbug! I'm such a bloody misery all year round anyway so nothing much is going to change as the seasons roll by.

So here are the resolutions:

1)Update blog at least twice a week
2)Be even grumpier this year
3)Try to catch up on my news scrapbook(the last news reports I put in it were from February 2009 so I'm WAY behind)
4)Make some more time for things other than reading
5)Catch up on book reviews
6)Keep losing weight

Things to look forward to in 2012
1)London Olympics
2)Ryder Cup
3)US Presidential Election
4)A new cricket season
5)Getting Started on Harry Potter Lego for the Wii
6)Watching new series I haven't seen: The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Lost Girl, Haven, Sanctuary, Jericho, Dollhouse, The Borgias, Game of Thrones, The Border, Death Valley, Downton Abbey, Warehouse 13, The Fades, Terra Nova
7)New series of ones I am watching:The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Nikita

*grins* Excellent!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Bad week

Ooh last week was just one of those weeks where you just wish you'd spent the whole of it in bed and never surfaced! I decided that I had to get a bit of Christmas shopping done so the family drove out past Loch Lomond to go to Aberfoyle which has some great shopping at decent prices. We were behind a German tour bus which couldn't decide which side of the damn road he wanted to drive on and we were thinking he was either drunk or just plain dangerous. We got to a straight bit of road and decided to get by so my dad flashed his lights to let him know we were overtaking but as we got alongside him the idiot starting swerving towards us and nearly forced us off the road and into a ditch! Maniac bloody muppet head! We went straight to the police in Aberfoyle who didn't seem particularly interested in checking this guy out despite him being in the same car park as us. 'Go home and file a report if you want' was the attitude. Well if he damn well kills someone while on the tour, the police can take responsibility for it. Perhaps if they took their heads out of their arse and pulled up drivers like this, the roads would be safer for everyone. So if you see Scherer Reisen bus SIM SR 440 on the road, get the hell away from him.
    I did get a few wee Christmas gifts for my friends though but it kinda spoiled the whole day as you can imagine.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Book Review-Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton

Richard is arrested on trumped up rape charges by crooked cops who want him to stop interfering in local matters, so Anita and the gang go down to bail him out. Soon it becomes clear that the police are happy to kill everyone while Anita deals with werewolf politics, supernatural psychos and learning to rule her pard.

OK this book was a real let down for me. Anita has turned from feisty human to whiny bitch in this book. It was obvious that she was going to have sex with Richard which was fine but her attitude really bugged me. She had dumped Richard for Jean Claude but kept moaning about Richard sleeping with other people as if he was cheating on her. Then when she agrees to date Richard again, she thinks its unfair that he intends to sleep with other people as well-Anita, you are not intending to give up Jean Claude to be faithful to Richard so why in the blue hell should he owe you monogamy??? The constant whining about this really got on my last nerve.

Secondly, Ms Hamilton seems to be thinking that a nice rape or attempted rape is needed in every book now to add to the story so lets have Richard's mother and brother raped by the bad guys this time instead of his pack members. The rapes are just thrown into the conversation as an excuse for Anita to torture a man and then it isn't deemed important enough for more than a quick summing up paragraph at the end. Why bother having it happen then?

The werewolf politics really bored me to tears-whole sections on how to great each other correctly and where to sniff and all that stuff and in the end, Anita doesn't even go to the pack meeting! So what was the point in all that stuff being described? It was a waste of time. All this political stuff is just shoved in to pad the book up and it is not interesting or relevant to what happens in the book. Can I also add that Nathaniel continually getting into trouble is becoming old very fast? I'm getting tired of the constant explanations about her being lupa and queen Leopard and how soft and used her leopards have been. I got it the first time you wrote it, I don't need to hear it another 50 times in each book thank you.

As for Richard, if I was Anita I would have kneecapped him. What the hell kind of man are you? You are such a good boy that you can't lie to the crooked police about leaving town to save the woman you love from being molested by one of them? Really classy Richard. It also bugged me that we never found out what the hell happened to the trolls which was the whole reason for Richard being there and being arrested.

There was too much in this book that annoyed me-the constant meetings being arranged, the weak leopards, Anita's whining, half baked plot threads that led nowhere, over descriptive pack political crap, repetition of the story so far about 100 times, descriptions of every outfit that every single person was wearing, the usual description of every weapon every time her hand touched one...Grr.

The only thing left to wonder at the end of this book is when Anita is going to start screwing Asher, Damien, Jason, Zack and Nathaniel

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Book Review-The Good,The Bad and the Undead by Kim Harrison

Rachel is investigating the deaths of people who were taking classes with a college professor and finds herself reluctantly back at school as bait for the killer. One of the victims may be connected to her old nemesis, making her keener than ever to get him to prison. Her boyfriend is dabbling with demon summoning and has somehow become her familiar, and Ivy is constantly trying to bite her. It's not going to be a good time...

The book starts off so well with the very funny side story of Jenks and Rachel rescuing a kidnapped fish from a pack of werewolves. I love how useless Rachel can be in these adventures and Jenks is such a great character. I'd love to see more of this in the books. Sadly the book went downhill after that. We have the unconvincing fling with Rachel and Nick which has as much chemistry as macaroni and bile. Even the demon summoned seemed like a better potential boyfriend! At least he has some personality and humour about him-something lacking in most of the book.

But the worst thing for me was this stupid story with Ivy that dominated the book. I liked Ivy in book one but this stupid carry on with Rachel continually putting herself in front of Ivy's fangs with wrestling matches and stuff is just scraping the bottom of the plot barrel. If Ivy is so tempted and dangerous then Rachel should be moving out instead of staying there like a willing piece of meat. It's just too stupid. Every chapter seemed to have Ivy in another blood crisis ready to bite Rachel and it got boring very fast.

I had to force myself to plough through the book to the end and I really hope that things look up in book 3. If the rest of this series is dominated by Ivy trying to seduce and bite Rachel, then I won't be reading it much longer. 2.5 out of 5 for this one.