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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gordon buggers it up!

Oh dear dear our beloved Prime Minister has called an old woman a bigot because she expressed concern about too many immigrants coming into Britain. Well I guess that makes us all bigots here then. I'm concerned not because non Brits are coming here-it is the NUMBER of them in such a small country that is the problem for us Brits. I'm all in favour of migrant workers coming here to take unwanted jobs, I agree with helping genuine asylum seekers have a new life here, I'm happy for law abiding citizens from ANY country coming to Britain-but we are a small island and there is no room to have everyone. I don't think worrying about an over populated country is bigoted! Shame on you Gordon! Maybe he should concentrate on kicking out the illegals, the ones who come here and commit crimes, the ex-terrorists and hijackers that get to live here at our expense instead of picking on pensioners who worry that our public services can't cope with a million new people a year coming here. OK rant over!
   HAR HAR the Scottish Nitwit Party(a more appropriate title, believe me!) have lost their idiot battle to stop viewers in Scotland from seeing the debates between the UK leaders-just because they weren't included. Now maybe they'll stop throwing their toys out of the pram and start campaigning like sensible adults instead of whiny kids. Oh just one more week to go and the election will nearly be over...GREAT!
   On a happier note I have bought a huge new bookcase for my room which lets me get all the breeding books off the floor and make the place fit for humans to live in at last! I've spent two days happily sorting the books like the obsessive git that I am.
   And to make me even happier our former neighbour from hell appears to have lost her house and all her money and is living in a dingy wee bedsit with her kids. Oh how the mighty are fallen! Oh how I did gloat and grin with glee when I heard that joyous piece of news! She loved to rub her limitless money in our face and liked making other people's life hell so she ain't getting no sympathy from me! What goes around comes around and bites you on the ass!!! Snigger!

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