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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Onward into the blogworld...

Welcome to the world of chucklesthescot-hermit, book fiend, computerphobic, nightcrawler. I was trying to think of something cool to write but I keep getting interrupted. My dad has just finished yelling at the TV because his horse came in second('..but he was miles ahead of that bloody horse last time out!' he protests as if I can do anything about it!) By the time the Grand National comes on he'll be out of control.
   My mum is complaining about the coverage of the General Election campaigning which is dominating the TV. Snort! My family are disillusioned Labour voters who have no clue how to vote. I like the Tory 'tough on crime' plans where you can slug a burglar without worrying about being arrested and I agree with a few of their issues but I am TOTALLY anti-foxhunting so I'm not happy that they might bring that back to England and Wales. I'm not voting for the SNP as I hate their anti-English rants, and I have lots of English friends. Alex Salmond seems to fancy himself as Scottish royalty...All hail King Bawface the First!!! Yeuch.
   My neighbour is dancing around her garden waving an almost empty bottle of vodka singing Rangers football songs and screaming that there are slugs on her washing...real or imaginary? In her case I'm really not that sure. I say Go Slugs! Sometimes you can hear her baaing like a sheep in her kitchen and now she seems to be telling the whole street about her underwear...Time to retreat to my batcave with a book and industrial earphones I think...
   So in the last week I've read a few books which are...(drumroll please)
Laurell K Hamilton-Guilty Pleasures(Anita Blake book 1)-ah it was nice to finally read book one as I've read about 6 others in no particular order. I love Anita coz she's feisty and mouthy, a bit like me in my younger days though I admit that her life is a tad more exciting. I like the fact that she won't take crap from anyone.

Victoria Beckham-Learning to Fly-this one was pretty interesting. I was never a Spice Girls fan or interested in the Posh and Becks brand, but it was interesting to read how hard the girls were made to work with their tours and TV appearances. Not quite as glam as you think it would be, not seeing your family for months on end. She also talks about the death threats and kidnap threats against her son Brooklyn which must have been pretty damn scary. Her opinions on other celebrities like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Demi Moore, Elton John are also included. A nice light read for anyone who likes celebrity gossip.

Tina Hutchence-Just a Man-The story of the life and death of INXS singer Michael Hutchence. I loved the band especially the Kick and X albums so this was fascinating. You get a look at his life full of women, drugs and depression, his turbulant life with Paula Yates and how drained he was with her divorce problems and demands that he marry her, his love for daughter Tiger Lily, the family in-fighting with Paula, the legal fight after his death. Reading this book leaves you in no doubt how fragile the poor guy was so I'm not surprised that he killed himself. Such a tragic waste of a talented life.

Och no the Vodka sheep is back outside, singing something that resembles Lady GaGa. Until next time, happy reading!

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