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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The shopping trip from Hell

I figured I'd do some nice relaxing shopping at the East Kilbride Centre yesterday...oh how wrong could I have been! First there were the uncontrollable brats running about and having tantrums...('mummy, WANT Ben and Jerry!!!') I then pushed my way into a souvenir shop to buy a dream-catcher for a friend and saw nice sized ones at 5 pounds. OK, I thought, I'll buy one now (which I did) and come back later for one for myself if I don't spend all my money and I had my eye also on a bigger one at ten pounds with a gorgeous wolf on it. So 50 minutes later I go back and a different assistant tries to get me to pay 8 pounds for the small one and TWENTY POUNDS for the wolf one! Talk about trying to rip me off! The real prices hanging down from the damn things obviously had no effect on that con artist! 'It's good value madam!' he protested. I replied that it was a dream-catcher, not a snare-an-idiot-shopper-with-more-money-than-sense-catcher. Funny he then declared a 'mistake in the till' and charged the correct price. I just walked out in disgust. He must have thought I was zipped up the back and stuffed. CON MEN!!!
   So I went into the nearest charity shop to simmer down and catch a few booky bargains. Next thing an old woman and her adult daughter start verbally abusing the shopkeeper for ripping her off by charging 'disgusting, shameful, obscene' prices for the books she wanted(one pound fifty each for books that cost 8 pounds in WH Smith is hardly a rip off!). What a mouthy old cow! She was pointing the finger right in the poor man's face...if I'd been him I'd have bitten it off and stuffed in between her false teeth. Me, I gleefully cleared the shelves of 10 books. At least it made up for the rest of the trip. I didn't even get the chance to trip up a child or bash one with my shopping bag...damn...
   So in there I bought Philip Roth-The Human Stain, Emily Barr-Out of my Depth, Susan Squires-The Hunger, 2 Gena Showalter paranormal romances, 4 volumes of horror short stories, Christine Feehan-Conspiracy Game. Not bad at all!
   I've just started to read Jeaniene Frost-Halfway to the Grave and I like it so far. I love Bones! He just casts up a mental image in my head of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer(mmmm!) I'd been looking for this book for 18 months before finally seeing it arrive in Waterstones 2 weeks ago. I did my happy dance and fell over the legs of some idiot sitting on the floor reading manga magazines. Moron. Wish I'd trodden on his fingers. Buy it or leave you cheapskate! I miss watching Buffy and Angel on TV. I loved Giles and Wesley. Fred did my head in though so I just laughed when she died like the sick puppy that I am. I'm rapidly wearing out my DVD box sets...     
   To see the book related blogs that I'm following please check out my full profile and follow the links. You can read what Mozette is getting up to, and also read what cool books on werewolves that Stacey has been writing and is about to get published! Yea! Well I have to get over to goodreads to check out my friends book reviews and try to get motivated to do a few myself. Bye!

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