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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Undead at the Gym

I was at the gym today and I'm bloody knackered! Being a bit of a fat and lazy git, I have to drag my unwilling body there once a week to try and shed a few pounds and today I just didn't want to be there. I was like a zombie trudging along on that treadmill-you know the way they aimlessly shuffle along, looking as if they are about to fall any minute? Yeah that was me. I was tempted to shout 'Brains!' but I figured they'd just throw me out or lock me in a padded room...
   What the hell is happening to society in Britain??? I'm sitting here watching some bloody strange kids(aged about 6 and 2!!!) stealing bloody bird-feeders from the garden! What the hell is it about seed filled bird-feeders that everyone wants to steal them??? What the HELL is WRONG with these kids and their useless parents for that matter? I bet these brats are related to the thief from the other week. They've broke the fence behind our garden shed and are wandering in! My dad is out there reading the riot act to them and counting each feeder as it is returned to us. Oh look! Now their mum has wandered through the gap in the fence to see what the yelling is about! Nice of you to notice your thieving brat kids are stripping the neighbourhood of anything not nailed down! I don't believe it! While she is talking to my dad, her kids are lifting something from our neighbour's garden! PUT THAT BACK YOU LITTLE SHIT! I'll rip their heads off, pull out their guts and stick stinging nettles up their bums! I swear this street has become a complete hell hole with these morons everywhere. Now I'm so mad I can hardly concentrate on typing this. If these kids can't behave, they should be locked in the house or supervised outside. These parents just don't give a damn what their kids get up to! OK rant over, deep breath. I HATE THIS TOWN!!!
  Is it any wonder I'm stressed??????

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  1. Geez, that's insane, and that young too. They probably wont change either, just get worse.