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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Book Review-Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

This is book one in her series Women of the Otherworld. Elena is the only female werewolf in existence and chose to turn her back on her pack to live in the human world and have as normal a life as she can. Then her pack leader Jeremy calls her home to help them. Rogue wolves are murdering people in the town where the pack live and they need Elena to help them catch these 'mutts'. It means Elena has to deal with her wolf lover Clay,the one who bit her,pack politics and a well organised group of mutts who are endangering the very existence of the pack. Can they all work together to save the Pack?
   I really enjoyed this book. The Pack are full of different and interesting characters and I particularly like Jeremy and Nick. I like Elena's struggle to separate her wish for a human life for the security of her pack family and the story is full of action,wolf battles and chase scenes. You also have the interesting battle of Elena's mixed feeling for Clay-she loves him but can't forgive him for turning her into a werewolf. It is well written, exciting and keeps you hooked to the very last page. Anyone who likes a good story in their horror books should definitely read this.

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