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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Book Review-City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

This contains big plot spoilers so read at your own risk!
Clary is 15 when her mother vanishes and she is attacked by demons that she is not meant to see, and saved by teenage Shadowchasers who are meant to be invisible to normal humans. She must rely on Jace and his friends to help find her mother, keep Clary safe and unlock vital secrets from the past that are buried deep in her mind.
  This book was dreadful in so many ways. It is such a copy of other author's work that I'm amazed her ass didn't get sued. We have a mixture of Buffy, Star Wars and Harry Potter in the book and that does get annoying in the originality stakes. Buffy bits- Simon and Isabelle are just like Xander and Cordelia, Simon's crush on Clary is just season one Buffy, the responsible adult Hodge is a demon knowing man expelled from his Order who is usually in his library(Giles) who the teenagers rely on for help, Jace is the Buffy character of kill it then ask questions. Harry Potter-Clary's father figure is a werewolf, the bad guy Valentine wants to rid the world  of those who are inferior and uses a circle of his devoted followers(repeat after me Vol-de-mort...),we have the flying motorbike...As for the Star Wars bits-well we have the my-father-died lie and it is no surprise to find out that Valentine is her father and Jace is her long lost brother.
   What bothers me the most in this book is the way that the author has decided to use incest as her romance.Even after the brother-sister reveal, it is made clear that the pair will continue a forbidden love story through the rest of the trilogy and I found this to be deplorable. Incest is not a sexy romantic forbidden love-it tears and destroys families and is not entertaining for two teenage characters to be used in such a storyline. The author must be one sick puppy to do this. A real trilogy of tripe!

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