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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Book Reviews-unfinished or crap!

Book Review-Hush,Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
Nora and Vee are best friends who are inseperable but during a sex education class, the teacher puts new student Patch beside Nora. Nora finds him rude, nasty, unpleasant and very attractive but soon suspects that he is stalking her when strange things start to happen around her.
   OK this book was sheer pigsmuck. Vee was an irritating bitch,Patch was obnoxious and nasty, and you just wanted to give Nora a damn good slap and tell her to stay away from the bloody guy! I've seen book reviews that said he ends up putting her in hospital but she falls in love with him anyway and if that is true then this book is pretty damn sick! A waste of two hours.

Book Review-The Scent of Shadows by Vicki Pettersen
Joanna was raped and left for dead as a teenager. Now she goes out at night to photograph the dark side of life in Las Vegas, fully combat trained if anyone messes with her. But things start to get strange around her with men coming after her, smelling her and calling her 'the one', her despot father declares that she is not his daughter and disowns her and on her 25th birthday all hell breaks loose around her with her sister being murdered by demonic men who are chasing Joanna.    I read 100 pages of this book and it was dark, depressing, boring and slow moving. Joanna was an uninspiring character who was very one dimensional and it was too hard to connect to her in any way, especially after reading so many great female lead characters this year. You will need real patience to stick with this one and that is something that I don't have.

Book Review-Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh
The Psy Race have engineered their children to have no emotions and see themselves as the rulers of the world-superior to humans and changelings. Lucas, leader of his changeling pack suspects a Psy of killing girls and sets up a business deal to get close to a young Psy that he thinks he can get information from. Sascha is starting to discover that she is 'flawed' and can feel emotions that she is not allowed to have and the attraction between her and Lucas quickly grows.
   I just lose interest when the whole plot is just the growing attraction between the two leads with no real plot keeping it going and I lost interest here for that reason. The books with too much of the lust and romance in it aren't as interesting to me as a good action book with strong female leads. This author's books are just not the type that interest me at all. It's just supernatural mills and boon!

Book Review-The Companion by Susan Squires
Ian was captured by pirates, enslaved by a dangerous and violent woman who turned him into a creature of the night. Now he has escaped from her but has to face this new life knowing that he is a monster. Elizabeth was helping her father with the search for knowledge and artifacts in North Africa but his sudden death forces her to return to England and give up on her dreams of finding a lost city. On the boat to England their worlds collide and danger confronts them both.
   This was the typical slow moving story with lots of conversation, lots of describing surroundings and a slow building forbidden love romance on the horizon and it wasn't going to hold my attention for long. If you like these historical romances with old fashioned male attitudes, posh irritating complaining Brits in the overseas colony and a bit of vampire, you might enjoy this. I need more action in my reading!

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