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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Embarrassed to be Scottish

David Cameron,the British Prime Minister,came to Scotland today and was greeted by screams of abuse from moronic Scottish muppets chanting 'Tory Scum' and embarrassing our country. One bloody idiot was on TV tonight screaming 'he's not welcome in our country!'. Well boo hoo you stupid ass, guess what, he's our prime minister as well seeing as we are still part of Britain so get bloody used to it and damn well grow up! It's no wonder that the English have a bad opinion of Scottish people when they see this kind of thing on the TV-a lot of them think we all behave like this and we all hate England which is not true. I love going to England, I love its people who have always been kind to me when I've been on holiday or working down there. Sadly, English people don't always get the same kind of respect from some people up here as was shown today. Disgusting. It really made me ashamed of my own country. I say give the man a chance! We are still holding a chip on our shoulder about Margaret Thatcher's tory government and this 'Braveheart' thing which we need to forget about.
Let's judge Mr Cameron on how well he does his job. The very fact that he had the guts to come here so soon after the election says something about him being serious about a better relationship between England and Scotland so lets give him the opportunity and stop behaving like spoiled brats!

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