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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Only Fools and Nationalists?

Ah The Scottish Nitwit Party(SNP) have finally decided to start their election campaign 3 weeks after everyone else and borrowed a London bus with 'Peckham' as the destination on the front of it.It was meant to show that they were taking our concerns to Parliament in London but all I could think of is Peckham being the setting for Only Fools and Horses.Looks like all the fools were out on that bus for sure...I'll be glad when it all stops on Thursday and I'll be voting Liberal this time.I like Nick Clegg(right). Don't get me wrong,I am Scottish but I am also British. I think it's time we put 'Braveheart' to one side and stop holding a grudge against the English for killing William Wallace thousands of years ago!Get over it already. A lot of innocents on both sides of the border died in those days but seriously can't we move on and be British??? It's time the SNP stopped this anti-English ranting and stirring up hatred.

  That damn cat has been leaving its doodahs in the bloody garden again.I swear if I catch it,I'll grab it by the tail,swing it round and launch it into orbit like an Olympic hammer thrower! Jeez I hate cats. They just strut around the garden, trying to eat our birds and annoying our tame squirrel Furbag, then shit and leave. You wouldn't put up with that from a visitor to your house so I'm damned if I'm putting up with it in a mangy moggie(dirty cat). Maybe I'll do a nice big crap on the cat owners doorstep and see how she likes it!!!

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