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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Abandoned Books!

A few more that I didn't see through to the end...

How to talk to a widower by Jonathan Tropper
A man is mourning his dead wife, his friends are trying to persuade him that it is time to get back out into the dating world which he doesn't want to do, and his stepson is getting into trouble with the police as their relationship hits an all time low. The first few chapters were just boring why-does-my-stepson-hate-me stuff and I couldn't see it getting much better.

Kiss of the Bees by JA Nance
This started off quite well as a dying killer/rapist recalls the victim who got away and  finds another prisoner due for release with a grudge against the family to continue his own plans for revenge. The victim and her rapist collaborated on a book about the events of that deadly night-a decision which deeply divided the community and her family. But as the book went on we started getting these mystical bits that were as out of place as those dreamy mystic sequences you get in some of the Steven Seagal films, the big revenge plot was becoming more of a whimper than a bang and I just couldn't be bothered with it!

Me and Emma by Elizabeth Flock
Two sisters live in poverty in a small community after the murder of their father, with a violent sexual predator as their new stepfather. It is a slow story about the girls mental decline, relationships with the neighbours and all the problems of being seen as the weird kids at school. Then their mother decides to move the whole family away for a new job for her man and things spiral out of control. If the book hadn't been so slow and drawn out, it could have been good as there was a nice twist at the end. But all the violence and abuse was implied as if the author was scared to write about it, which makes you wonder why she wrote the book at all.

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
This was utter crap. The story you think is about the club where the men do their bareknuckle fighting, right? Wrong! The club is frequently talked about, as are the injuries the men are sporting each week but you only get a couple of brief glimpses at the club itself. The rest is about a guy who likes to feel alive by spending every night going to support groups for fatal illnesses where everyone thinks he is dying. This plan is spoiled when he sees another imposter at all the same groups and she also ends up ruining his private life by sleeping with his best friend. The rest of the book is these two guys making soap from human fat and using their night jobs in hotels to piss and shit in other people's meals. A complete waste of my time this one! I didn't find it disgusting or contraversial as some might think-I just thought it was utter shite!

If Angel's Burn by Lynn Viehl
I barely got started with this before I got bored. It was meant to be about a plastic surgeon who has to do work for a rich recluse who you know is going to be supernatural before you even read the back of the book. The first few chapters of the book follow her on her depressing hospital rounds with a nice trip to the burns unit where a patient begs her to kill her, focuses on her difficult relationship with her priest brother and her refusals to go to the rich client. All the medical jargon and her personal life were starting to bore me so by the time she was kidnapped by rich boy, I was already thinking about what to read next.

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