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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

And the Losers Laugh their heads off...

So England's campaign is over at last which is probably a good thing for their fans. I'm sure watching the team was painful enough without seeing them take on Argentina as well. I thought England were shocking against Germany but what really makes me mad are the stupid excuses. "They were too tired" just does not cut it at all. Other players from different teams all played the same Premiership schedule as England's players this year, the same amount of time to prepare etc and they are doing fine. At least Joe Cole had the balls to just say they weren't good enough. Funny how the tired excuse wasn't used when everyone was over-hyping how the team were going to win. I mean look at their South Africa schedule! Played Saturday, Friday, Wednesday in the first round and then a nice big rest to face Germany. How tired can you be, resting in a luxury resort when you get paid millions for a few games of football??? Try working 9 to 5 in a factory with no air conditioning every day for 30 years and talk to me about tired! Try coal mines or hop over to fight in Afghanistan!
   Wasn't John Terry just a disgrace trying to start a coup in the middle of the World Cup. Who does he think he is, a french footballer? He's still smarting over being stripped of the captaincy and looking for payback on Capello. And Ashley Cole tweeting that he hates England and the English as he heads off to the World Cup? What an arrogant little toerag he is. The sight of him laughing like a drain in front of the media as he heads home with disgruntled and let down fans was really stomach churning. Sack him and Terry for a start and get players in there who treat the England badge with more respect.
   And a final cool was Paul the psychic octopus who has correctly predicted all the German results in advance! No, I'm serious he did predict the England result days in advance-check him out on the Sky news website!

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