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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Book Review-Dark Lover by JR Ward

There was so much hype around this series that I was desperate to read it and after this book I really felt like saying 'was that it?'. Beth's father is a vampire warrior who is killed by enemy slayers just as she is due to turn to a vampire herself. She is unaware of her destiny and bloodline so when a scary warrior called Wrath comes along to look after her, her world is turned upside down, especially as the pair develop an instant attraction. Wrath's warrior brothers are taking on a new leader of the enemy who are starting to wage war on the Brotherhood and Beth is about to be caught in the middle.
   Pretty much a let down for me! The first half of the book was gloomy, depressing and dark, focusing on the fact that Wrath is a cold and heartless killer so there was no warmth to his relationship with Beth. She was just content to let a stranger break into her house, scare her to death and have sex with her-something that really hacks me off in a book. I hate this lack of reality in these first encounters! If some guy is breaking into my house I'm grabbing a baseball bat and calling the police, however good looking he is!!! It took so long to introduce the brothers, the only thing that kept me interested was the amusing butler. It wasn't helped by having the worst bad guy in the world-Mr X, who was like some kind of Dick Dastardly cartoon character lurking in the shadows! When you get to the later stages Butch and the brothers are much more interesting to read about and it improves a lot but still, the big showdown at the end was pretty poor on the scary ass front! I've been told that the other books in the series are much better-lets hope so!

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