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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Book Review-Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley

This is definitely more of a fluffy paranormal romance than a serious action shifter thriller so don't expect great plot and action scenes as you won't get them! A lawyer is given the task of defending a shifter accused of murdering his human girlfriend and with everyone thinking he is guilty, nobody wants to help prove otherwise including the shifter community. Kim is desperate to win and approaches Liam whose family runs the community and there is an instant attraction between them. However the big boss Fergus wants Kim to stop interfering and is ready to claim her as a mate to get her away from the case which Liam is not prepared to accept.
   Kim is a real pain and how she got to be a lawyer with so few brains is a mystery to me. It seems to take most of the book for her to understand what being a 'mate' actually is which had me yelling at the book! The action sequences are poorly done with little drama, the Brian in prison story seems very flat and pointless and you feel that so much more could be done with the story. What saves the book is the other characters who are all excellent-Liam's family, and the colourful neighbour! It is ok as a light read.

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