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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Book Review:Tempting Evil by Keri Arthur

I've been critical of this author in the past for having so much sex in her books that there is no room for a plot but this series has been so much better. It is book 3 in the series and the concluding part of a 3 book story arc. Riley is part werewolf part vampire and working for the government to bring down a guy who has been doing experiments on captive shifters. She manages to get help to find a job at his mansion as a fighter for entertaining rich visitors and intends to use her psychic abilities to find the lab and release the prisoners. Once on the property she finds a lot more evil is going on including a child held hostage, a race of beings looking for help to escape and the other fighters are getting in the way of her investigation.
  There is still a lot of sex in the book so if that bothers you, better avoid this series! Riley has a werewolf, shifter and vampire lover plus has to sleep around in the mansion to get the information she requires. However the side characters are interesting, the plot is moving all the time and I thought that this was a good read. Riley is an Anita Blake style character with a big mouth and tends to get things wrong which adds some realism to her character. This is worth a read but start with books 1 and 2 before going to this! 

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