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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Even more abandoned books

Blue Moon by Lori Handeland
This was one of those paranormal romance books that I lost patience with because you could drive a truck through the plot holes. You have the female detective tracking an injured wolf through the trees. Wolf vanishes into a bush and out steps a bleeding naked man and the thought 'werewolf' never even enters her vacant mind. "Did you see a wolf?' she asks instead. Oh Please! The wolf's victim from the earlier attack starts to eat someone else and we still have no idea what might be happening? Even if your character doesn't believe in the supernatural, the thought has to at least filter through her head. I got so tired of the plot that I gave up. Next!

Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione
Another new author that failed to interest me. We have the girl who is in possession of  an amulet that keeps her alive and it cannot be taken from her by force. So when an injured warrior is dying he decides to seduce her into giving him the amulet to save his life. According to the back of the book as he gets to know her his feelings become complicated and he doubts whether he can end her live to save his own. Frankly I found our warrior hero cold and unlikeable and the heroine wasn't much better so I got fed up and found something else to read. I never did find out who lived or died. Not my kind of book.

Covet by JR Ward
I only read a few chapters of this book before deciding that it wasn't for me. It was dark and gloomy and the characters introduced in the first few chapters were not the most interesting people. The dark cold vampire with no manners or personality, his girlfriend who sleeps with strangers for fun, the burned out cop figure who takes advantage of what he thinks is a vulnerable girl...not really catching my interest this one. Pass.

A Hunger like No Other  by Kresley Cole
This type of book just makes me mad. The half human half vampire virgin is chased across town by a vicious psycho who thinks she is his soul-mate and makes several attempts at rape to prove it. He terrifies her, makes her cry, has her totally in trauma...and as soon as he gets her in the shower suddenly she desires him. Oh come on! This is just rape promoting bullshit! We are meant to excuse him because he has been held prisoner and tortured by his enemies but I am never a fan of rape being portrayed as romantic seduction like this. I don't care if he does change later in the book. If I encountered an evil monster like this I'd kill him not jump into bed with him. Pure utter bullcrap.

Divine by Mistake by PC Cast
I had doubts about this because I'm not a fan of modern girl goes to other ancient world and this was the plot for this book. I didn't take to the main character who seemed to talk rubbish to herself most of the time though there was nothing wrong with the actual writing style. I'm just not into the heroine trying to settle into ancient mythology times and an arranged marriage with a mythical creature. PC Cast is a good author so if the plot appeals to you, give the book a go.

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