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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Friday, 11 June 2010

International balls!

Yes it is the first day of the World Cup and I'm already sick of hearing about England having won it and the media preparing all the excuses for when they don't ie
   'That Brazilian referee is a nutter!'
'They don't know how to handle Wayne Rooney!' (I do, just send the bugger off!)
   'It's too....' (insert either-hot, humid, crime-ridden, high altitude, rainy, foreign, african, etc)
'It's Capello's fault as he's not English!'
   'It's Cheryl Cole's fault for divorcing Ashley!'

You have to laugh! Personally, I will be supporting the USA because my grandfather was American and I am proud of my American roots! He was born in New Jersey and I have a nice big American flag ready to wave. It's just a bonus that they are playing England! (grins!) If not them I'll go with Germany as I have lots of friends there. I'm sure as hell not supporting France after that cheating ass Thierry Henri with his Hand of Frog goal against the Republic of Ireland. So France can get stuffed!

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