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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Va Va Voom has G-G-Gone!

Oh deary deary me France are looking a bit piss poor aren't they! The cheating Hand of Frog are looking like they have been cursed by every leprechaun in Ireland! And they deserve it. What really bugs me is that you would have seen gritty performances from the Republic of Ireland had they gone through instead of this rubbish that the French have been producing. Could you believe the nerve of Henri asking the referee for that penalty in their first game? Lets hope that they are on the next flight home.
   An honourable mention must to to New Zealand for their brilliant point against Slovakia which showed that teams with guts and belief in themselves CAN achieve the fairytale result and give the neutrals something to cheer. It was also nice to see Switzerland pull off a nice result against the over-hyped Spain. I'm all for the underdogs in these group games. Quite a few of the fancied teams are not performing at their best but you can never write them off. Looking forward now to another week of exciting group games. One question though-why the hell was that American goal against Slovenia chopped off???? Was it a Russian official...?

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