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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

World Cup report!

Doesn't that picture on the right just sum up England's world cup performance? Pure utter pants! (Are these the ones Ashley Cole posed in???) What a dreadful display against Algeria! Although I'm very amused by the over-hyped superstars playing like a bunch of tossers, I do feel sorry for the England fans who have paid a lot of money to go and watch two of the worst performances I've ever seen from an England team in my 36 year life! The arranged victory parade and Asda's world cup winning memorabilia seem a tad premature now don't they? So it is win or bust on Wednesday and I was not impressed with Wayne Rooney's petulant outburst at the final whistle, whining about no support from the fans. That is such an insult to England fans! They follow the team all round the world giving them fantastic support-they are entitled to voice their frustration. It's all right for Rooney-he gets paid a fortune to play like that and doesn't have to pay for his stay in luxury resorts. England fans paid a LOT to watch that drivel and every boo directed at the team was well deserved!
   And a big round of applause to the psychic pub landlady interviewed in the Daily Record this week who looked into a pint glass and predicted that she saw a 4-1 win to England...PANTS!

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