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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Friday, 31 December 2010

Book Review-Broken by Kelley Armstrong

Yea the werewolves are back! I love the pack and was looking forward to another adventure with them. In this story, the pack are asked to do a robbery to steal papers written by Jack the Ripper from a collector. Unfortunately, they open a portal which releases Jack from the letter along with a few zombies and a host of dangerous diseases, while causing local people to vanish into the portal. Jeremy is determined to be responsible for clearing up the mess but he and Clay also have Elena's pregnancy to worry about. Then the arrival of Jaime Vegas further complicates matters...

I've read a few reviews of the book that thought the plot was a bit pointless but I personally enjoyed this. Unkillable zombies are always fun and Elena is constantly under threat from them and other enemies so things go along at a fair pace. It was nice to see Jaime back and still unable to act like a normal human being every time she has contact with Jeremy! Ah we have all acted like a prat in front of someone we are attracted to though when Jaime screws up it is pretty spectacular! The pregnancy story is a good side issue as we get to see different sides of the pack members, especially Clay who is a much nicer character now. I did think it was pretty obvious that they shouldn't trust their new friend-or maybe I'm just the kind of cynical person who automatically suspects trouble all the time!

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