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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Friday, 31 December 2010

Book Review-Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong

I've read a few books in the series(not always in order!) and this is the first one that I thought was a let down.

Paige is looking after Savannah who is proving to be a real handful-wild, rude and not accepting her authority. When a custody suit is filed on behalf of her father, Savannah's future looks uncertain. Certain elements are determined to get Paige out of the way legally by making her appear to be an unfit parent, a witch and a murderer. So when a lawyer turns up offering to help her fight the case, Paige is untrusting of his motives but has little choice but to work with him.

I liked Paige in book 2 so it wasn't a problem with the story switching over from the werewolves-it just wasn't a good book in my opinion. In this book Paige is whiny and irritating and annoying. I got so tired of her continual 'I don't trust you' conversations with Lucas. Yes ok Paige, you don't trust him but do we need to hear about it every five minutes? This bit of plot was getting on my nerves all the way through the book. It seemed to be getting battered into our heads with a damn sledgehammer just in case we missed it the first 500 times.Savannah is a spoilt, rude, unpleasant little brat who needs a damn good slap to get some manners into her. Paige honey, I'd have given the ungrateful brat to the Coven and walked away! The Coven themselves were just annoying and a lack of any chemistry between our lovers was surprising given how good the next book in the series is. This was just a poor book on so many levels but don't give up on the series if you don't enjoy this. The same characters appear in Industrial Magic but it is a much better book than this one.(less)

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