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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Book Review-Betrayed by PC Cast

This is one of those series where the potential and ideas are far better than the actual product. I loved the idea of this cool vampire school with all the magic etc but what we end up with is the typical YA story of boys. Zoey has taken over the Dark daughters and is ready to do her first ritual but is distracted when local boys she once knew start to go missing in the town. She is surprised to discover that Neferet is discrediting Aphrodite's visions about the boys and Aphrodite turns instead to Zoey to help stop the bad events happening. With boyfriend Erik away from school, Zoey continues to see Heath, her human boyfriend and starts a dangerous flirtation with Loren, a lecturer and poet.

What did I like? I liked Aphrodite and Zoey being forced to work together. Heath also comes across as a likeable guy and you can see why Zoey finds it hard to let him go. Neferet isn't the same mentor that we saw in the first books and it was good to see Aphrodite doing some good for people. I did feel that the plot was going to get interesting. The death of Stevie Rae was good and you know that Zoey is going to be searching for a cure in a later book.

BUT there was plenty to dislike here as well. I'm so sick of the moronic twins and their constant hag/ho/slut nonsense, talking complete tripe and acting like a pair of snotty five year olds all the time. I despise them, I really do. The pop culture stuff is going way overboard now and I'm starting to get tired of it and the constant bashing of anyone who likes country music just because the author seems to hate it. The repeating of the plot AGAIN, the lets-all-have-our-word-of-the-day discussions AGAIN, and lets remind everyone what a ho Aphrodite was AGAIN do start to get boring by book 3.

And then we have Zoey who is so much nicer than the ho, yet has 3 different boyfriends. Uh huh-repeat after me hy-po-cris-y! And how dumb is she not to realise who the zombie master was after seeing Neferet with them in the school? DUH!!! Zoey is starting to annoy me so I hope the plot keeps improving to make up for the bits I'm not liking!

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