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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Book Review-Chosen by PC Cast

Zoey is still trying to juggle her three boyfriends as her relationship with Loren intensifies. She and Aphrodite are trying to find a way to help Stevie Rae recover her humanity before it is too late and Zoey's friends are not happy that Aphrodite is becoming part of their circle. Professor Nolan is killed on campus by what seems to be her stepdad's church, Erik becomes a vampire and then has to witness Zoey's ultimate betrayal when she sleeps with Loren and her friends turn on her when they discover the secrets that she has been keeping from them. Then it is Loren who breaks Zoey's heart.

It's getting harder to find things that I like in these books. Aphrodite is turning into the best character in the book because she actually has a brain, common sense and isn't a total waste of space! I did like the fact that she sacrificed her own humanity to give Stevie Rae a second chance.

Plot hole time. The school and the evil Neferet are vanishing behind Zoey's lovelife which is pretty annoying. I actually laughed and had no sympathy at all for Zoey when she discovers that her seduction by Loren was part of Neferet's evil master plan. It serves you right for being such a stupid cow Zoey and having your three boyfriends. Mind you why she is with Erik when it is the most passionless and uninspiring relationship I've read about is anyone's guess. As for her friends, don't you idiots think that there is a reason that Zoey is keeping secrets from you? Nice of you to give her a chance to explain herself before you freeze her out. Nice friends. I hate those twins more with every passing page. I'd love to tape their mouths shut so I don't have to keep hearing them finish each other's sentences. It is so babyish and irritating.

Oh and Zoey? Stop whining that you hate getting Christmas themed birthday presents! How are they meant to have known that when you didn't tell them??? Be grateful they bought you anything as you certainly don't deserve it!

It's not looking good for the rest of the series...

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