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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Book Review-The Damage Done by Warren Fellows

Australian Warren Fellows becomes a willing drugs courier at the age of 21 and is finally caught in Thailand with 24 bags of heroin, spending 12 years in a Bangkok prison.

I detest this man. He wants sympathy for the terrible conditions that he was subjected to and yet I find it impossible to actually care. We're not talking about an innocent framed tourist or a naive idiot who thought he was carrying something else. This is a guy who, out of greed chose to be a drug courier and work for very dangerous men in countries with the death penalty for drug smugglers. So boo hoo and pass me something to wipe my tear filled eyes as I sob at your terrible ordeal. He claims not to want sympathy but then says in his introduction:

"If at the end of my story you still believe that anyone could deserve the horrors that I saw, then you too are a criminal. A vengeful and sadistic one." Oh you bitter, pathetic little parasite. So if we don't feel sorry for you then we are sadists huh?

And on his first drug trip to India, he got involved in some other nice dealings. A hotel manager offers to pay him to go to another city to bring back his girlfriend to him. Without knowing anything about it and agreeing not to mention the manager's name, Warren dupes the poor girl into believing he loves her and wants to be with her in the city, instead delivering her to the manager. Seems the girl escaped from forced labour at the hotel and now Warren has put her back into it. Oh how guilty he felt about her plight-so much so that he says he'll marry her and take her to Australia then just leaves India without a though and comes back months later on a drug trip, passing by the hotel where he sees the poor girl, letting her see his new girlfriend. What a nice guy!!!

Another pearl of wisdom from Warren was to justify his career. "So President Harry Truman agonised for three weeks over whether to drop the Atom Bomb on Japan. He still did it didn't he?" He seems to think he's superior because he didn't take any time to think about it. Whether you agree with the bomb dropping or not, the decision was taken to save more lives in a land war which has nothing in common with Warren and his drug career! He goes on to say about his career "...for me it was not murder....I didn't even know for sure if there would be any victims at all." Drugs kill people and ruin lives you self obsessed little git! If you were so horrified at the prison conditions then maybe you shouldn't have went to Thailand on your drug trips! You deserved every day of those 12 years.

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