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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Book Review-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling

You would think that living at the HQ of the anti-Voldemort forces would be exciting yet Harry feels more isolated than ever.Despite defending him in a court for use of underage magic,Dumbledore seems determined to avoid him,and the Order of the Phoenix are refusing to let Harry know much about what is happening.He feels distant from his friends and only the company of his brooding godfather Sirius keeps him going.His bad dreams are taking on a sinister turn and everyone around him is in great peril,so when a new teacher refuses to teach them defensive magic,Harry sets up an illegal group to help his fellow students learn to fight against the dark forces that are gathering.

Harry is now feeling that he needs to stand alone and face what is coming,and only a small group of students seem to believe him about the danger that is coming.He is often angry with the world in this book and you see the strain that his destiny is going to put on him.I like this book because of the Snape v Sirius sniping,the introduction of Luna,the newfound bravery of Neville,the great humour provided by the chaos in the castle by the Weasley twins,Uncle Vernon's owl fits,and the good action scenes,all of which were poorly done in the film.Love the dark turn of these later books.

On the down side I HATE Umbridge so much and wanted to slap Fudge as well. Every time Harry loses his temper I get a bit annoyed with him for rising to the bait! I was angry when Sirius was killed though I do understand that for the plot, Harry had to be deprived of his father figure. I really didn't like the character of Cho in this book and I shared Harry's frustration with her. The Grawp storyline was a bit annoying and unnecessary. Still none of that stopped me enjoying the book.

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