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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Book Review-Threshold by Caitlin R Kiernan

Chance is grieving after the death of her grandfather and is disturbed by the arrival of a strange girl who seems to know too much about her life. She claims to be an angel and wants Chance to help her destroy something evil.

*Yawn* This was not a good book in my opinion. There was nothing to like about Chance. In the prologue she and her friends are drug taking, for the rest of what I read she was drunk most of the time, and she was forgiving her boyfriend and best friend who were sleeping together. Pretty spineless girl all in all.

The plot was baffling. The prologue was totally incomprehensible. Half of each chapter was the full depressing description of suicides, funerals and being cheated on, while the other half were baffling dream sequences with the same themes. Meanwhile Dancy's journey full of steriotype religious busybodies being insulted for trying to help her and 'weird stuff happening' leads her to our lovely heroine and more pages of useless chat about nothing that you are interested in reading. By the time we get to the next chapter where the cheating ex-boyfriend gets into a fight with a guy who has anti Jewish, constant swearing and anti-gay comments coming out his mouth for two solid pages, I'd had more than enough.

There was no clever dialogue and storytelling here, just as much offensive behaviour and language as the author can cram into 50 pages that I suffered through. Adult language and themes in books are ok with me but not at the expense of a good story or just shoved in when the writer can't think of anything interesting to have her characters say or do. It's not clever or entertaining just pretty damn boring!

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