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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Book Review-Untamed by PC Cast

Zoey can feel creatures around her waiting to attack and having no friends except for Aphrodite is starting to wear her down. Aphrodite has visions of Zoey dying just before the end of the world begins and Zoey's new friend, transfer student Stark, may be somehow involved. When Loren is found murdered, Neferet uses his death to declare war on the humans against the wishes of the higher authority who are on campus to investigate. Zoey knows that her enemy is trying to discredit her, Erik is deliberatly humiliating her and Stark's violent death is traumatic for her. Then Neferet unleashes hell on the campus against Zoey and her friends.

How pathetic are Zoey's friends??? They are like a bunch of kids doing the 'I'm not talking to you, you smell' routine which I outgrew in primary school. It takes Aphrodite to shame them into hearing Zoey's side of the story. And surprise me-the cute new kid Stark is attractive to Zoey. Well shock me sideways. How many guys is she going to love in this series??? Erik is being a complete arse, abusing his position as teacher to humiliate Zoey which shows he is a complete prat who is no better than Loren.

Only Aphrodite and Stevie Rae's stories have kept me going this far but I'm getting so bored with the rest of it. I think I'll just be skimming to see if anything of interest happens in the other 3 books that I have before they go to get traded.

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  1. LOL! I felt the same way when I finished reading this one; I decided to take a break before venturing into the next book in this series. I couldn't believe how immature and cruel her so-called "friends" were acting. I feel like her group of friends don't really have a lot of personality and are hardly ever really involved in whatever's happening to Zoey. I kind of enjoyed her teaming up with Aphrodite and discovering that she's not as bad as everyone says. I am sick of the Twins having to name call Aphrodite every couple of exchanges. It's just immature and petty. Hope they outgrow it or Zoey outgrows them. I'm a fellow SRC memeber on goodreads, in case you were wondering who the "H" I am! :)