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Monday, 28 February 2011

Book Review-Another one bites the dust by Jennifer Rardin

Jaz and the team are working undercover at a festival, keeping an eye on a Chinese circus act with very dangerous vampires. Chien-Lung has stolen a biotech armour prototype designed by Bergman which leaves the wearer invincible, and they must get it back. But Jaz is having her own problems with jealous men, disorientating dangerous hallucinations when she tries to sleep, and has to fight a deadly new enemy in the soul eating Reavers.

I like Jaz because she is feisty but still has flaws that you can relate to. Her flirty relationship with partner Vayl has part of you wishing they would hook up, while hoping that they keep this will-they-won't-they dynamic going a bit longer as it is working so well. I love Bergman, Cassandra and Cole, who each bring something good to the story. The humour in the 'I hate you, you smell' relationship with Bergman and Cassandra is a real highlight. The obvious male posturing between Cole and Vayl is amusing as well. This book has the added advantage of a great badass Pengfei. Psycho bitch!

There is so much happening here-the people they meet at the festival that need help, the Reavers murdering innocent people, the biotech theft, Jaz and her medical issues, the complex relationships in the group and the flashbacks to the past...there really is never a dull moment in these books. It makes it even sadder that the wonderful author Jennifer Rardin committed suicide in September 2010. A real talent has been lost here. Jennifer, you brought a lot of happiness to your fans and we won't forget you. R.I.P

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