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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Book Review-Before I die by Jenny Downham

Tessa is a teenager who is terminally ill and she wants to spend her last months experiencing all the things in life that she wants to do to make her feel more alive. So with the help of her friend Zoey she makes up a list and starts working her way through it. You would expect a sad story about a tragic heroine that makes you reach for your hankie, right?


I really hated this book. Tessa is not a sympathetic character. She is cruel and nasty to her brother, who can't quite process what is happening to his sister, and especially her poor father who is trying to look after her. Frankly she is a complete bitch and I got very tired of her attitude. Yes you are dying but there is no need to be so horrible to those who love you and worry about you, because they are suffering as well. When her dad tries to get her to do things to keep her occupied, she moans that he is forcing her to live. When he is concerned about her doing too much, she whines at him for trying to keep her stuck in the house. He can't win-and can you blame him for not trusting Zoey to look after his sick daughter?

Zoey must be the most disgusting, spiteful cow on planet Earth. Would you really want her for a best friend the way she treats Tessa? I was hoping she would get hit by a bus or eaten by a zombie or something. There was nothing to like about these girls or their list of things to do. I was really annoyed with the plot itself. The list is made to sound like the coolest things in the world that you must do if you are a teenager and I don't like the message it sends out, especially concerning Tessa taking drugs. There is nothing cool about poisoning yourself with that crap and the book seems to revel in promoting bad choices. While I don't think for a minute that a book would influence someone to take drugs unless they already wanted to, I hate books that glorify or justify this kind of thing as normal fun.

So glad to get rid of this book.

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