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Friday, 18 February 2011

Book Review-Entangled by Cat Clarke

Grace tries to kill herself and wakes up in a strange room with only pens and paper to keep her entertained. All she can remember is meeting Ethan in the park and now waking up as his prisoner. Where is she? Why is she there? What does Ethan want from her? She starts to think about what led to her suicide and we hear a story of self-harm, pain and sadness in her life.

Grace is not the nicest of people at times-the spiteful way she talks to her mother and the way she bosses Sal around and puts her down isn't pleasant. Trying to force Sal to tell her who she slept with is not helping their friendship. Grace, you are too pushy and an unpleasant drunk, and the way you pick on Devon is just spiteful. Sal is not exactly nice herself, the way she treats Grace when she finds out about the self harm. And to blame Grace for Sal's own pregnancy was disgusting. I don't recall Grace forcing you to get drunk with some guy you didn't know and ending up used and pregnant. In some ways both girls deserved each other. However, despite her faults I did kind of like Grace but I didn't like Sal from the start.

Now I found the plot to be so predictable but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the story. As soon as the all white room was mentioned, I guessed that Grace was in some kind of limbo between life and death, with Ethan as a guide to help her to find her way. When she talks about meeting Nat, it was obvious who the other girl Nat mentioned was going to be. And poor Grace must be the only one who didn't realise that Nat and Sal were having a fling behind her back. Sal is such a revolting bitch at the end of the book, standing there justifying her own behaviour in stealing Nat by saying 'I saw him first' while her friend lies there fighting for her life because of you two. You complete bitch! Nat is just a tosser. You knew that Mr Perfect was never going to be the nice guy he claimed to be. Devon was a much nicer person and you hope that Grace does recover and find a happy ending with Devon.

Overall it was a good book with interesting characters and a story that kept me interested to the end, even though I knew how most of it was going to go. Well worth a read.

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