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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Book Review-The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

This book horrified me. It is the true story of Rex and Rose Mary, two eccentric parents with a love of a nomadic and responsibility free lifestyle and their children who suffer the consequences.

Rex is a dreamer and part time crook with wild ideas for get rich quick schemes, and even wilder stories of his past to impress his children. He drifts from town to town, dragging his family along as he quits many jobs and sometimes steals before a quick getaway in the middle of the night. Rose Mary is a dreamy painter who takes no interest in raising her children and spends all available time and money on paint supplies even when the family are starving. The children are subjected to a life on the run, unable to keep even meagre possessions, forced to keep leaving pets and friends behind, running away every time one of their selfish parents has a new scheme or whim to act on, with no chance of any kind of steady education or life.

Even when the family finally decide to stop running and settle near some family, the children are subjected to brutality, sexual abuse and extreme poverty. Their house is a disgusting ruin and the parents make no effort to fix things, still pursuing their own selfish needs and leaving the children to fend for themselves. Rex is happy to drink and gamble while Rose Mary squanders money on art supplies and the children try to find a way to get something to eat, before finally hatching their own plans to escape to a new life in the city.

These disgusting, selfish, scumbag so called parents should have been thrown in prison for the neglect of their children. All they cared about was what they wanted and to hell with providing a decent upbringing for their children. I can understand some people wanting the freedom of a life on the road and I have no problem with that as long as you are taking good care of the children, which this pair of idiots were not doing. It is a mystery to me why Jeannette can speak so lovingly of two parents who subjected the family to this life. This book made me sad and mad but it was gripping and very well written.

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