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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Book Review-Love Bites by Lynsay Sands

Rachel is a hospital coroner who gets a shock when a dead body comes back to life. Etienne, a vampire, was killed by a vampire hunter and
reanimates after some recovery time. Pudge the vampire hunter bursts into the morgue and fatally injures Rachel so Etienne feels obliged to turn her to save her. Trouble is, Rachel refuses to believe she is a vampire and Pudge won't give up on killing them both.

What did I like about the book? I loved Pudge! He was so pathetic and weird and a total nutjob and I liked the scenes after the kidnap where he is prancing around in his fake teeth and flapping cape! His interview with the police was very funny as well. He was the best thing in the book though I also liked the plot itself.


Etienne wasn't the smartest of vampires with his half-assed attempts to explain to Rachel what she was. He wasn't smart enough to realise that maybe he ought to see Pudge as a threat since he'd killed him several times already! He was a bit annoying. Rachel was the whineist bitch on the planet. Every chapter we got her refusal to accept the facts so it had to be explained to her AGAIN. Then you got her snotty attitude and lack of gratitude for being saved AGAIN. And on and on it went. It was too much plot repetition for my liking and the whole middle of the book was pretty much a bore.

Compared to the first of these books I read  [book:The Accidental Vampire|1422253], this one was not very good at all. Perhaps more Pudge and less of Rachel's whining could have made this a really good book.

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