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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Book Review- No humans involved by Kelley Armstrong

Jamie Vegas,necromancer,has agreed to take part in a TV special with two other paranormal experts,aiming to speak to the ghost of Marilyn Monroe.It could mean that she gets the long awaited TV career that she wanted and to add to the fun,Jeremy has agreed to come and visit her on set,sparking hopes that he might share her feelings about a relationship.But of course things are not about to run smoothly for Jamie when she gets involved in a case of dead kids being sacrificed for dark magic rituals.

I really like Jamie and I share her pain every time she makes an idiot of herself in front of Jeremy.We've all done that in front of someone we like though maybe not on the scale of Jamie's humiliations!I was really rooting for her and Jeremy to get together as I love both characters.It is nice to see their relationship develop and get pretty steamy!I liked all the trouble that Jaime and Jeremy managed to get into and as always I enjoy the appearance of Eve,a character that I was surprised to like as much as I did.We get introduced to Hope,who will feature in upcoming books.I couldn't really judge her in this book as I have already read Personal Demon which is her story and I liked it.

On a slightly bum note,I felt that the side plot of the TV show wasn't the strongest plot in the world and it did get a bit dull. The other characters on set weren't particularly interesting to me so my mind did wander a wee bit during these sections.It didn't stop me enjoying the book though.I admit that I am always biased in favour of the books with the werewolf pack but I look forward to seeing more of Jamie as well in future books.

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