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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Book Review-Red headed stepchild by Jaye Wells

Sabina Kane is a ruthless assassin, half vampire and half mage which is a forbidden mixture, and the reason that she has never gained the love or trust of her Grandmother who is also her boss. Now she is told to murder her best friend because he is involved in a group who are uniting the other races against the vampires, and Sabina must get into the group as a spy. A mage called Adam is trying to convince Sabina that the vampires are the bad guys and to embrace her mage blood, but Sabina does not know what to believe when bad things start to happen.

I really enjoyed this book and might yet move it up to 5 stars when I read it again. I liked Sabina who starts as the unquestioning and cold assassin, but then has to rely on others to infiltrate the group run by Clovis, and uncover what is really going on between his group and the vampires. Gighul the demon, who Sabina has accidently turned into a hairless talking cat is a wonderful character and I loved the humour and stupidity that he added to the story. What would you do with a demon who becomes addicted to buying things from the shopping channels with your credit card?!! Loved him!

I liked the fast moving plot and you were never quite sure what twist was coming next. The action scenes were exciting and I liked the way the book developed. The characters were well written and interesting, the mix of humour and danger well combined and it was an excellent read. I'm looking forward to picking books 2 and 3 off my shelf in the near future!

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