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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Book Review-The Accidental Human by Dakota Cassidy

OK this was one of those books that I had issues with from page one. The foul mouthed vampire bitch that effed and blinded her way through the first chapters was really bugging me. I'm not a prude about bad language in books if it serves a purpose but I hate to see f this f that as a character trait that we are meant to find endearing or f words being used just because an author can't be bothered finding something cool for her character to say. That's the way this book started and it annoyed me.

The second bugbear was that our main human character was a cosmetic saleswoman for Bobbie Sue cosmetics-yes I kid you not-and she was forever coming out with stupid comments about how life affirming and soul changing these products were. It was like watching the most cringe-worthy adverts on TV like a woman with a fixed plastic grin holding up the dish washing liquid as if it was a religious relic and telling you 'Hello! Soapy Sud has changed my life with its softy poos bubbles and shiny golden colour! Before I bought this I had no friends and no purpose in life!'

JEEZ! I hated the cosmetic interludes on every page. You had one girl on the phone talking about having a Bobbie Sue crisis and the other yelling f you f you! Great entertainment! And of course the f girl USED to be an unsuccessful cosmetic girl who had to quit so that explains her low social status and bad manners, obviously.

ARRGGHH! It made me want to grab Bobbie Sue and shove it somewhere unpleasant...

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