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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Book Review-All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

Arlene becomes openly hostile to Sookie who has enough to contend with when Jason marries Crystal against her wishes. Sookie hopes that going to the Vampire Summit as the Queen's ears will take her mind off it and let her spend some time with Quinn. But the Queen is to go on trial for murdering her husband, and there is a plot by the Fellowship to kill them all.

The day to day stuff at the summit wasn't very interesting to me thought it was nice to see Barry the Bellboy back again. Sophie-Ann's woes really didn't rivet me but the part where the bombs were going off and everyone is in danger was really well written. You were worrying about your favourite vamps being ok ie Pam and Eric! I did enjoy the wedding before the bomb as well, but the trial wasn't that exciting.

I do love the way they are slowly turning Arlene into a fanatic. It is a great storyline and I also like the way Jason is developing into a much nicer guy. I also like Calvin's character-he's interesting and some more back story on him would be nice. Jason must be nuts to marry that cow-she is going to break his heart. Can you imagine him and Pam getting together? Now that would be fun...

Eric of course was fun as the Vampire Priest and I also liked the way that he was watching out for Sookie when Andre started to hassle her. I felt that Andre had to die but I wanted it to be Bill who killed him to make amends to Sookie. I'm still not that keen on Quinn. He just doesn't have enough depth or interest for me. And I just hope that we can get back to the events in Bon Temps and leave these political vampires behind

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