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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Book Review-Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

Mercy’s vampire friend Stefan wants her to be a witness as he delivers a message to a new vampire in town who isn't playing by the rules. But the vampire has a demon possessing him so it all turns bloody. Civilians are being butchered, crime is skyrocketing and the supernatural community is on edge as they search for a way to destroy the enemy. Mercy feels she has to help as her shapeshifter skills can track this enemy where others can't.

Can I gush any more as to how much I love this series? Mercy is such a great heroine. She has interesting but not superpower skills so she gets into trouble and gets hurt like a normal person. She has a job she loves that she is determined to continue with. She has an ex that she cares about but knows she can't be with, and an attraction to someone who she knows will mean a big change in her life and she is unsure if she can do that. CHOOSE ADAM!!! Now that boy would be my choice without a doubt! I do like Samuel and I hope they fix him up with someone nice but Adam just rules...Stefan is a great character and I just grin every time I picture a vampire driving the Scooby Doo minivan around town! If he did that in my town some wee thug would steal it and set it on fire.

I love the pack and the way that their personalities and ambitions are always changing, along with their opinions of Mercy being with Adam. Warren is such a sweetie and I love the way his character is written. He's not just thrown in as a token gay character, he is there with a purpose and a real place in the plot. I hope to see him continue to develop as a main player in the pack. Being a gay werewolf high up in the pack with strong enemies gives so many possible future plotlines for him.

I like the way Mercy decides to defy all the dangerous people in her life to do what she feels is right. The plot is fast paced and ever changing and there is nothing about it that I didn't like

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