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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Book Review-Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs

Mercy's vampire friend Stefan arrives at her door, tortured, almost dead,telling her that the Vampire Queen knows that Mercy killed Andre. Adam takes the threat seriously and the pack debate what to do for her safety so when an old friend Amber asks Mercy to help rid her house of a ghost,it seems the perfect solution to send her away to safety. There is only one vampire at her destination in Spokane but, as is Mercy's luck, he has plans for her that don't involve anything good. But how can she tell the Pack that she is in trouble?

Jim Blackwood is a really creepy git of a vampire with his own plans for world domination that involve taking the powers of other supernatural creatures to use himself. The part of the story where Mercy was trapped in his house and trying to pool her resources with the other imprisoned creatures was very well written. Adam meanwhile has his own problems with trying to set a truce with the vampires to keep Mercy and the Pack safe, and there are murmurs of rebellion in the ranks over an Alpha mating with a mere coyote.

Stefan is back in this book with a bigger role which was good, but he seems to be challenging Adam for Mercy. I always figured Stefan had feelings for her and now he is staking his claim (get it?!!!) OK moving on from the bad joke, Adam ain't gonna share Mercy with anyone, especially a vampire so we can expect more action on this one!

I do wonder why Adam would have allowed her to go with Amber without at least taking Warren with her for protection. I mean, Mercy is still getting over her rape ordeal and the vampires have a death sentence on her, not to mention the angry members of the anti-fae group that she infiltrated. I know the point of the story was to have her alone and unprotected but still! Another gripping story by one of my favourite authors.

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