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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Book Review-Clan Daughter by Morgan Howell

Having escaped from the army, Dar uses her visions and leadership skills to try to safely guide the Orcs to their homeland, hoping that she can live there with Kovok-mah, though not all the Orcs trust her or approve of taking her along. Her welcome once there is mixed and Kovok-mah's family want them seperated. Fearing for the future Dar goes on a quest to find and release the Queen of the Orcs from the very army that she has just escaped from, aware that her mortal enemy is looking for revenge.

Dar's relationship with Kovok-mah develops into a love affair that horrifies some of the Orcs and there can be no future for them without the approval of his family, which he believes will not come. Dar is in despair and when the Orcs are sent back to fight with army, she decides she must go and find the Queen, to persuade her not to send the Orcs to their death in the human King's war. Trying to get to the Queen unseen by her enemy is going to be a challenge...

Readers of this book seem to fall into two categories-those who are for the relationship and those who are against. I was in the 'for' category as I love Kovok-mah and it seemed obvious to me in book 1 that the friendship was going to become love. The new characters throw up some interesting plot twists and the tension filled rescue plan was well written and exciting. I'd love the chance to read these books again and see if I put my rating up to 4 stars but sadly I read them in a bookcrossing book ring so I don't have my own copies!

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