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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Book Review-Dead as a doornail by Charlaine Harris

A sniper is on the loose around Bon Temps, targeting weres. Heather is dead, Calvin and Sam have been shot and the were-panthers suspect that Jason is behind it. Sookie is trying to clear her brother's name, help Tara with her psycho vampire boyfriend and avoid the PI who is investigating Debbie's disappearance. Alcide then gets her involved in pack politics and the new pack leader Patrick is not her biggest fan. Then Sookie realises that someone is seriously trying to kill her.

Alcide really annoys me with his attitude in this book, using Sookie and getting her to take sides in the leadership contest without her knowledge. It's a mean trick from a so-called friend and gets her on Patrick's shit list immediately. I'm so glad he and Sookie are not dating! On the plus side is the wonderful Claudine, Sookie's new fairy godmother who has to do quite a bit of saving to stop her getting killed in a house fire.

It turns out that the sniper is a disgruntled part-were who is jealous of full weres. The attacks on Sookie, including the shooting of Sam, were carried out by a Eric's new barman on behalf of someone with a grudge against Eric. Isn't it great when your friends keep getting you into trouble!

Eric is still trying to find out what happened when he was staying with Sookie but she is refusing to tell him. Ah come on Sookie, just tell him! You two belong together!

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