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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Book Review-Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris

Can life really get any more complicated for Sookie? Well, yes of course it can! Eric has been cursed by a witch and lost his memory so Sookie agrees to hide him at her house while Pam runs the business. Jason suddenly goes missing and Alcide's werewolves are turning up dead. Just another day in Bon Temps...

It was nice to have a new enemy involved this time and it was a really good build up to the big fight at the end with Sookie joining forces with witches, vampires and werewolves to take on the enemy. I was also so pleased to see Debbie getting what comes to her when Alcide hears that she was one of the ones who tortured Bill. The scene back at Sookie's house where Debbie shoots her and she is saved by Eric taking the bullet took me by surprise, and it was a great twist. You just know that this is going to come back to bite Sookie big time...

I loved the shy, vulnerable, scared Eric in this book and LOVED his seduction of Sookie. AT LAST! These two belong together in my book, but of course it only lasts until the spell wears off and Sookie hides her misery by pretending nothing happened. She also doesn't want Eric to remember that together they killed and buried the uber bitch Debbie Pelt (GOOD,die bitch die)after she tried to kill Sookie again. I liked the addition of the witch plot which(har, get it?!!) was a nice new direction to the book. Especially when you find out that poor Eric was cursed for refusing a date with one of the witches!

Pam was wonderful in this book, taking charge and bossing everyone about. She is such a great character. And yea, Bubba is here again! He is just so funny. (Psst 'Don't call him Elvis...')

The other excellent piece of plot was Jason going missing. It's not until later that we find out that he was kidnapped by the jealous panther who wants Crystal for himself. Jason has been bitten and is going to become a were-panther on the next full moon. Jason honey, I have sympathy for you but that Crystal is baaaad news! I'm with Sookie on that one! 

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