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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Book Review-The Devil You Know by Jenna Black

Morgan is relieved when Andy recovers from his coma and he agrees to move in with her for protection in case Raphael comes back for him. But she has other worries when a demon comes for her to find out where Lugh is, putting everyone she knows in danger, and questions about her own past are going to be relevant to the situation she is facing.

Things are getting tougher for Morgan. While she has rediscovered her relationship with her demon free brother, quizzing her parents about her past and the rape of her mother leads to a real estrangement. Who was her real father and was he a demon? What happened to her as a child in that hospital run by the demon fanatics? Lugh seems to think that this is important.

The demon hunting them is a pretty scary dude as well, and not knowing which body he is in puts everyone in danger. But really Morgan, your dad punched you and then disappears from your life with your mother, and then suddenly arrives at your door to talk and you haven't worked out that he is now the demon host??? Oh come on you stupid muppet! Then she gets mad at Brian for doing what needs to be done and helping Adam kill host and demon? Honey, your dad was dead the moment the demon took him. It had to be done.

Random irritations-we are still getting this stupid sex thing every time she talks to Lugh, when they should be working on a plan. Lugh, get a bloody grip and stop leaving it all down to Adam to save the day. And Morgan, stop having a go at Adam every ten seconds. Even when he wants a truce, you just have to be a bitch again. You really get on my nerves with this crap!

This was another good plot and I was so upset at the end when poor Andy gets taken over by Raphael again. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

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