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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Book Review-Entice by Carrie Jones

I really enjoyed Need when I read it but I was very annoyed when I saw what was happening to the plot in the second book Captivate, which was a big let down. I'd bought books 2 and 3 together which is the only reason that I went ahead and tried to read this one.

So Zara is now a Pixie Queen but is determined to use her power to find Valhalla and bring Nick back from the dead. Her friends don't entirely trust her,her mother can barely look at her,she has Astley following her everywhere and mad pixies are attacking the humans in her town. Zara's quest is going to bring death and disaster on her friends but she is too busy worrying about finding Nick to consider the consequences.

OK,I HATED that they turned Zara into a Pixie Queen in the last book. It seemed like a betrayal of everything she stands for, and makes a mockery of everyone risking their lives to keep her safe in book one. The whole idea of 'I'll become a pixie to go and find Valhalla and find Nick and bring him home so I can have my boyfriend back' was just stupid. There is a war on Zara and you should be focused on getting your pixies to fight the evil ones not buggering around in Iceland and putting everyone else at risk. Her quest gets Mrs Nix and her own father killed and ruins Betty's life. Good judgement. And she was going to be strong enough to defeat a Pixie King without any training and experience of her own? Yeah right. Sorry, I know it's paranormal but even then there has to be an element that you can believe in!

Then lets add in the annoyance that is Astley. His name bugs me immediately because I keep thinking of the pop singer Rick Astley so I can't really take him seriously as a pixie bad-ass. He's just boring and annoying and the series went downhill when we started going into Astley and his pixie politics. There is too much of him and not enough of characters like Betty who made the first book so good.

I'm really bummed that a series that started out so well has become such tripe.

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