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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Book Review-The Tudor Wife by Emily Purdy

Jane Parker is being married to rising star George Boleyn, brother of Henry's next Queen, Anne. Jane is immediately jealous of the close bond between George and Anne, especially as her new husband shows no interest at all in her. Jealous Jane then gets an opportunity for revenge by testifying against Anne, sending her and many men including George to the block. Her return to court ends in her assisting young Catherine Howard to have an affair behind the King's back.

This was one of my favourite Tudor books as I have always been interested in the infamous Lady Rochford. I have a biography about her waiting on my tbr pile! I first read about her in Philippa Gregory's excellent novels The Other Boleyn Girl and The Boleyn Inheritance and she was such a great character, full of spite and bitterness and evil intentions. This book goes into more depth about Jane and her obsessive jealousy and the lengths she will go to in order to make George love her, and get revenge on Anne. It's a pity that her planning skills did not see that she was condemning George to death along with Anne!

I can relate to the Jane in this book, happily planning her wedding to a top man at court who she loves, as it is unusual for a woman to get a love match in Tudor times, only to find him cold and uncaring and more interested in spending time with his sister and bawdy friends than her. You can imagine her hurt and misery as she watches him have affairs with other people. And I have a mean streak that likes to imagine getting my own back on people who have done me wrong, so watching Jane in action does give me a sense of satisfaction! I do find myself wondering why she was stupid enough to help Catherine have an affair, knowing the consequences if you get caught.

An excellent book for Tudor fans especially those interested in the Boleyn family. If you like The Boleyn Inheritance, you might want to give this one a try.

Author is also known as Brandy Purdy and book has been published under several titles including Vengeance is mine.

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