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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Monday, 7 March 2011

We don't like cricket....we love it!!!

What an amazing game we had yesterday with England and South Africa. When England were 15/3 I was getting ready to pray to the cricket gods that they got a decent total so we would at least get some kind of game but I definitely thought that they were 40 runs short at least of a competitive total. I was hoping for an England fightback but even I did not expect the complete thriller that the game turned into. At last we saw some fighting spirit from England which has been sadly lacking in their one day cricket recently. I was screaming at the TV as I watched the South African wickets falling!

My dad thinks sport is supposed to be fun to watch but it's not like that for me when I'm watching these run chases! I live every ball, yelling at the TV, getting to my feet to help me yell harder as if that will make a difference to what I'm seeing on screen! Pointing violently at the umpire as I bellow 'THAT'S OUT THAT IS!!!', screaming at poor Jimmy Anderson 'STOP BOWLING BLOODY WIDES!!!' ,shouting 'BASTARD!' at any poor South African sod who dares to score a run...oh yes watching the cricket is such a nice relaxing day for me! The irony is that I never behave like that when I'm actually at the cricket matches...(just as well huh!)

So I guess I should thank England for giving us the 4 most exciting games in the tournament, though my nerves can't cope with a similar nailbiter against Bangladesh!

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  1. HAha, I was screaming too! I still can't believe that South Africa lost that game.