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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Book Review-After Midnight/Endless Night by Richard Laymon

Alice is house-sitting for her friend when she sees the naked man going for a swim in the pool and when he hears the phone and approaches the house, Alice panics and tells the stranger on the phone that there is a prowler and he offers to help. Not long after, she hears a noise outside and kills the intruder-but it is Tony, the good samaritan who decided to come to her aid. Alice can't involve the police because of her past so now she must dispose of the body, clean up...but what if Tony's phone has re-dial and links her to the crime...?
This was Laymon at his very best! Poor Tony is hacked to pieces for helping a stranger because he dialed a wrong number, the pervert is still on the loose, and Alice realises that every bit of evidence she cleans up leads her to another problem that needs to be solved and it all snowballs in a wonderfully over-the-top story that has you hooked to the end. One of my favourite horror books!

Jody is sleeping over at her friend Evelyn's house when a group of sadistic killers called the Krulls murder the entire household except the Jodie and Evelyn's younger brother Andy. A gang member, Simon, is tasked with killing the final witnesses and he is also obsessed with getting his hands on Jodie.

This was the first Laymon book I read. I saw it in a bookclub magazine with the recommendation from Stephen King so I bought it, and loved it! It started me reading the rest of his books. The story goes between Jodie and Andy on the run from the Krulls, and Simon on their trail and is pretty much non stop tension and action. An excellent read!

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