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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Book Review-Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia

There is nothing new or particularly exciting in this typical teen YA paranormal romance. The girls at the school are the usual bunch of outstandingly gorgeous, rich, bitchy morons who like to pick on their inferiors. Our hero 'isn't like them' despite the fact he hangs out with them. He becomes hopelessly attracted to the new freaky girl that everyone hates and it is 'too dangerous' for them to be together.

As others have pointed out, the book is very badly written and sounds nothing like the teenage boys that I was at school with! You just don't believe that this guy can possibly be real and if you don't believe in your hero, the book will just not work. The town they live in sounds like my idea of pure hell and will do nothing for tourism in that part of America. It sounds like a place you want to avoid with its appalling people, no fun and postmen who open your mail to read it and then hand it over to you??? Eh repeat after me, federal offence???

I was sick of this book after just a few chapters and looking at the size of the book, I admire anyone who actually ploughed through this boring drivel to the very end.

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