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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Book Review-By Midnight by Mia James

OK why did I hate this book? I read the first 23 pages and it seems well written enough despite the usual plot of girl-goes-to-snobby-school-and-is-picked-on-by-bitches-then-spooky-stuff-happens. I thought maybe it might be better than some of these school based crappies that I've read recently.

Instead the author managed to totally piss me off with her continued negative steriotypes of Edinburgh and Scotland which were totally untrue and give a very false and inaccurate view of life here, making it sound as appealing as going to Siberia in January.

It does NOT always rain and freeze you to death up here. Her comments that you need to always wear wool to keep warm and that you get a few weeks of weak sun every year are total nonsense and make us sound like we live in the coldest place in the world. The weather is much colder in winter in both the USA and Canada than it is here. We have a mostly mild climate with sunny or cold days just like everyone else. The comment that there is no autumn in cities in Scotland is also complete tosh. There are trees EVERYWHERE up here and autumn colours are spectacular to look at in Scotland as my Canadian friend who visited in September was commenting. And you get foxes everywhere in urban areas thank you very much.

Ms James, you need to get your facts right when you write about a place and our tourist board does not need you telling a world of readers that you'll freeze to death in dreary, colourless Scotland.

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