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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Book Review-Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

** spoiler alert ** President Snow is far from impressed by the trick that Katniss pulled in the Games to ensure that she and Peeta were both winners. He takes his revenge when he announces that for the 75th anniversary Hunger Games, the contestants will be all former winners. As the only female winner from District 12, Katniss is back in the arena. As the only two male winners from District 12, Haymitch and Peeta will be chosen again as mentor and tribute. Haymitch tells them that this time they must form alliances to stay alive as long as possible.

There is dissent in the capital and the districts over who the tributes are this time and Gayle is showing his own rebel intent. It is a different arena with deadly new tricks and a different survival plan as our heroes join with a few other tributes to stay alive. I liked the fact that the author changed the Games and tactics around to create an entire new story, introducing new interesting characters. Katniss and her group are going on the offensive to hunt down the others and trying not to think of what happens when only their group is left.

The big plot surprise here was finding out that Haymitch and some of the tributes were part of a rebel group who had planned a mass breakout from the arena to save Katniss, as she is becoming the face of the rebellion in the districts. I did not see this coming and it was great! But of course not everything goes to plan with Peeta being captured by the government. I did guess that the new Gamesmaster was going to do something to help Katniss but I did not imagine the big escape from the arena.

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