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Count your books with me! Mwoarh!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Book Review-Friday Night in Beast House/One Rainy Night by Richard Laymon

Mark is delighted when Alison agrees to a date with him but there is a catch-he has to find a way to get them both into the Beast House after hours so they can explore the off limits areas. Mark decides he has to find a way and so he and Alison are there alone when the beasts come out to play...

I really enjoyed this novella which takes you back to the Beast House where you hear the familiar tale of horror and see the cheap waxwork victims again. Kind of like visiting an old friend with big teeth who wants to kill you...The characters were fun and I liked Mark's sick humour as he scared other visitors and of course it was fun to see a return of the beast itself. My edition was only a pound so thankfully I wasn't paying full price for a short book. 

A boy has been murdered and his voodoo priest grandfather decides to take revenge on the town by turning the rain into a deadly weapon. When you get wet you become a psycho with rape and/or murder on your mind and those inside houses, bars, restaurants all have to try and barricade themselves in against the rampaging lunatics who want to kill them. While most are trying to survive, a few are trying to find a way to stop the priest and restore the town to normal.
One of my favourite Laymon books with the usual gory mindless violence and a good fast running plot. We follow several people through this long night-a restaurant full of people trapped by a mob of potential killers, scared teenagers babysitting as homes are broken into and a pizza delivery girl who attacks a group of boys when she is wet, and is then on the receiving end of rape and violence when she is dry and back to normal.
A great read for the horror fan!

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